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At Storage Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering customers a solution for every square foot of their operation. We group our solutions into four main categories. These include simple, dense, picking and specialty solutions.

Simple Solutions

If you’re looking for a basic storage solution to get your facility organized, then our simple solutions might be just what you need. Our simple offerings include pallet rack, shelving, mezzanines and more. Within those categories, we offer a variety of styles, colors and capacities designed to work with whatever your needs may be.

Dense Solutions

Our dense solutions are perfect for anyone trying to decrease their facility footprint. Dense solutions include pushback, pallet flow, drive in/drive thru, and semi-automated deep lane storage. These solutions allow you to maximize your facility storage by using the space you have to the fullest.

Picking Solutions

If your main goal within your operation is to increase efficiency and decrease labor costs, then a picking solution may be the best option for you. These solutions include pick modules, carton flow, and light-duty cantilever. Any of these options will provide the boost you need in your day-to-day operations.

Specialty Solutions

Finally, we have our specialty solution offering. If you have a need that seems somewhat out of the ordinary, then one of our specialty solutions can probably help! These include tube rack, dual load, drive-in and cantilever. These solutions are perfect for high seismic areas, for storing oddly shaped items and more!

Regardless of what your needs are, we have a team of experts in place to analyze your operation and help. We love working with our customers to make sure all of their needs are being met. Learn more about our storage solutions here or contact us today to help you select the best possible solution for your facility.

This week we are introducing you to one of our tenured employees Eric McDonald. Eric has been with Storage Solutions for over 10 years and is one of the best in the business. Some of his previous projects have included pick modules, mezzanines and much more.

Eric McDonaldSchool/Area of Study: Simpson College/Indianola, IA – Marketing Major/Communication Studies Minor

Role with Storage Solutions:  Senior Vice President – National Accounts

HometownKansas City, MO

Family: Wife Tasha, 3 Children – Braden (8), Elsie (6) & Sophie (3)

What can you be found doing when you’re not working? (hobbies/interests): >Going to & watching sporting events, playing golf, fishing, hunting, camping, about anything athletic and/or outdoors – especially if we can do it as a family

Fun Fact:  I have an uncle named Ronald McDonald!

Are YOU interested in joining our Storage Solutions team or know someone that would be a great addition to our growing team? We’re always looking for strong new candidates! Check out our careers page for more information & to apply!

“If you build it, they will come…”  No truer words have ever been spoken, though we’re pretty sure whoever said it first wasn’t referring to a warehouse full of pallet rack.  But nonetheless, it’s true.  The key to providing your customers with the best possible service is to give them a storage system that works.

That’s what’s happening for our customer in Indiana.  Through building such an innovative and effective warehouse system, they are in turn going to be able to provide their customers with the best possible products and services. It’s a win for everybody.

In addition to the pick module post from last week, we have begun installing the pallet rack system throughout the warehouse.

Aspects Of This Project:

  • 1,920 bays of selective and tire rack
  • 2,016 uprights
  • 24,000 beams, wire decks and column protectors
  • Sprinklers installed
  • 13,800 linear feet of wire guidance (for fork trucks)

Check it out!

Storage Solutions Pallet Rack

Photo from last week:

Storage Solutions Pallet Rack

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Check back next week to see the FINAL RESULTS and a pretty fantastic time lapse video that shows you this project from start to finish.

Things are going well over here in Indiana with our second installation of Project H for our Project Spotlight!  This week, we’re breaking down the specs involved in this installation… specifically pick modules.

Aspects of the project:

  • 3 pick modules
  • 8,852 deep pallet flow lanes
  • 8,048 carton flow lanes
  • 501 sections of bin shelving, 8 levels each

Check it out!!

Storage Solutions Pick Module

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What are pick modules?

According to MHEDA’s resource website, wikiMHEDA, our go-to source for so many material handling definitions, pick modules can describe anything from a large area of a warehouse designated by order picking (such as multi-level mezzanine picking), to the individual sections of flow rack or other storage media that make up the picking area.

Why Pick Modules?

Pick modules provide high density storage and are typically customized to meet a particular warehouse or distribution center’s unique requirements.  Various storage solutions (pallet flow rack, carton flow, pallet rack, pushback rack, etc.) are integrated inside multi-level work platforms, allowing product to move more efficiently through a distribution facility or warehouse.

Be sure to check in again next week.  We’ll showcase another part of Project H.  It’s all coming together!  And we guarantee you’re going to LOVE the end result.