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Autonomous Material Handling and Warehouse Picking Systems

HAI Robotics is a pioneer in autonomous tote and case-handling robotics with its next-gen warehouse automation system. The HAIPICK System is comprised of HAIPICK robots, charging stations, customizable storage units, and workstations, and is powered by the HAIQ software platform. The system provides automatic storage and retrieval of totes or cartons that creates a goods-to-person picking and replenishment workflow while also providing high-density storage capabilities.

This storage-and-handling system is designed to relieve pain caused by high labor costs, low efficiency, and error-prone manual picking; and is ideal in environments with insufficient storage capacity and in industries with fluctuating, seasonal demand.

The HAIPICK System can:

  • Increase operator productivity by 3-4x
  • Optimize storage up to 180%
  • Offer ROI in 2-3 years
  • Adjust dynamically with flexible and scalable infrastructure

HAI Robotics’ HAIPick system is customizable and versatile, proven successful in various industries, including apparel, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, 3PL, electronics, automotive, energy, and pharmaceuticals.

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HAI Robotics offers a full range of HAIPICK Robots, including multi-layer autonomous case-handling robots (ACRs), double-deep ACRs, carton-picking ACRs, telescopic lift ACRs, and the company is continually developing flexible, scalable robotics systems. Offering flexible picking options that can pick cases up to 33 ft. high, each robot offers:

  • Intelligent picking and handling
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Autonomous charging
  • Stabile and precise movement

These robots can replace repetitive, costly, and burdensome manual handling of products. Each robot can store and transport up to 8 items simultaneously and is compatible with cartons, totes, and multi-size cases.

HAI Robotics HAIPICK Robots

HAIQ Software Platform

The HAIQ Software Platform allows warehouses to maintain complete control over the HAI Robots and easy integration with popular WMS, ERP, and MES systems. HAIQ interacts with all types of equipment, including robotics, conveyor lines, and more. As an innovative ACR expert, HAI developed this software, and the platform has accumulated rich data in several industries that have established a strong foundation for a variety of applications.

HAIQ ensures data security and uninterrupted service, even if the power is off. System data can be automatically restored, and its modular design makes it easy to fit any customer’s need.

The HAIQ Software Platform algorithm includes:

  • Task allocation
  • Regional flow control
  • Location optimization
  • Inbound/outbound strategy
  • Stock reorganization strategy
  • Product heat analysis
  • Product relevance analysis


HAI Robotics’ on-robot workstations provide a human-to-machine interface in which the operator picks directly from the HAIPICK shelving. Each robot accommodates up to 35 dual cycles per hour and allows the operator to integrate with a put-to-light wall to sort and complete orders.

When integrated with a conveyor, the workstation creates an ergonomic-friendly picking process that eliminates walking from the fulfillment process. This configuration significantly improves work efficiency by up to 700 order lines per hour.

Workstations can also be outfitted with shelving ideal for operation scenarios with long picking times. This configuration eliminates waiting time during the fulfillment process due to the increase in both operator and robot efficiency.

Why Automate with HAI Robotics, in Partnership with Storage Solutions?

With the Amazon Effect in full force, customers continue to expect their orders to be delivered directly to them in an ever-decreasing amount of time. Combined with rising labor and operational costs, safety concerns, and SKU proliferation, dynamic fulfillment centers understand the need to develop solutions to sustain – and increase – profitability.

HAI Robotics offers a unique entry into warehouse automation without a massive investment in an infrastructure-heavy solution like an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). HAI Robotics’ solutions are scalable, flexible, and can adjust to seasonal demands.

Offering an ROI in under 3 years, HAI Robotics’ solution set can help your current labor force by replacing the hard work that is attached to the walking, carrying, and manual picking of line orders.

  • Simple

    Today, warehouses face challenges, including inefficient use of space, unreliable and costly labor, unsafe conditions, and slow cycle times. HAI Robotics’ solutions offer a new way to warehouse by increasing productivity, optimizing your labor force, and minimizing the need for training or infrastructure.

  • Smart

    With HAI Robotics, we can set workflows to optimize your fulfillment efforts by increasing fulfillment capacity per pick.

  • Strategic

    Offering more than just picking, HAI Robotics can assist in reaching your long-term business goals by reducing labor costs as demand continues to increase.

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