Project Spotlight: Project H Part 2

Things are going well over here in Indiana with our second installation of Project H for our Project Spotlight!  This week, we’re breaking down the specs involved in this installation… specifically pick modules.

Aspects of the project:

  • 3 pick modules
  • 8,852 deep pallet flow lanes
  • 8,048 carton flow lanes
  • 501 sections of bin shelving, 8 levels each

Check it out!!

Storage Solutions Pick Module

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What are pick modules?

According to MHEDA’s resource website, wikiMHEDA, our go-to source for so many material handling definitions, pick modules can describe anything from a large area of a warehouse designated by order picking (such as multi-level mezzanine picking), to the individual sections of flow rack or other storage media that make up the picking area.

Why Pick Modules?

Pick modules provide high density storage and are typically customized to meet a particular warehouse or distribution center’s unique requirements.  Various storage solutions (pallet flow rack, carton flow, pallet rack, pushback rack, etc.) are integrated inside multi-level work platforms, allowing product to move more efficiently through a distribution facility or warehouse.

Be sure to check in again next week.  We’ll showcase another part of Project H.  It’s all coming together!  And we guarantee you’re going to LOVE the end result.