Storage Solutions Project Spotlight: This Week In Indiana…

“If you build it, they will come…”  No truer words have ever been spoken, though we’re pretty sure whoever said it first wasn’t referring to a warehouse full of pallet rack.  But nonetheless, it’s true.  The key to providing your customers with the best possible service is to give them a storage system that works.

That’s what’s happening for our customer in Indiana.  Through building such an innovative and effective warehouse system, they are in turn going to be able to provide their customers with the best possible products and services. It’s a win for everybody.

In addition to the pick module post from last week, we have begun installing the pallet rack system throughout the warehouse.

Aspects Of This Project:

  • 1,920 bays of selective and tire rack
  • 2,016 uprights
  • 24,000 beams, wire decks and column protectors
  • Sprinklers installed
  • 13,800 linear feet of wire guidance (for fork trucks)

Check it out!

Storage Solutions Pallet Rack

Photo from last week:

Storage Solutions Pallet Rack

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Check back next week to see the FINAL RESULTS and a pretty fantastic time lapse video that shows you this project from start to finish.