E.A.S.Y. Automation Assessment

As fulfillment centers battle against labor challenges, increasing costs, and quicker fulfillment expectations, many explore the world of warehouse automation to lower expenses while meeting changing demand.

But where do you begin?

With our EASY Appraisal, our team can work with you hand-in-hand to ensure the correct measures are being taken to help you achieve your goals.

Our EASY Appraisal is a simple process where our experts tour your facility and get to understand your unique operations. There, we can determine where your pain points exist, how your workflow takes place, and formulate a plan of action. Our ultimate goal is to create a business case that will deliver an ROI and set you on a path for growth.

What Goes into a Warehouse Automation Appraisal?

ENGINEERING THEORY: Our data-driven approach to evaluating your storage and fulfillment needs.

AUTOMATION HARDWARE: Determining the most appropriate systems designed for your needs, without overselling or over-equipping.

SOFTWARE INTEGRATION: Setting you up with the correct tools to manage these systems within your facilities.

YOUR NEEDS: We customize all our solutions to meet your requirements, meaning you will not get an out-of-the-box plan. We recognize each business has its own unique needs and challenges.

A Custom Plan Tailored to Meet Your Challenges

At an introductory level, we can deploy these solutions within hours, without the need for facility reconfiguration, IT systems, or WMS integrations. If your organization is interested in more significant automation levels, we can work with your organization to determine what is needed to meet operational challenges that can be resolved through automation.

Using our “Simple, Smart, Strategic” approach, we can work with facilities of all types to integrate automation solutions at any scale. Starting small, we design these systems to be flexible and scale as needs change.

Ready to Get Started?

Our Solutions Engineering professionals are ready to answer any questions you may have about introducing automation into your facility. We have the expertise to deliver solutions – big or small – that can provide a return-on-investment more quickly than you may realize.

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