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A Company Built to Deliver The Right Result

Storage Solutions exists to give engineers and managers of warehouses and distribution centers a partner they can count on to get their projects done right and help them maintain their facilities. The only way to ensure reliability is to offer our customers control.

  • For each project, a Storage Solutions project manager works with you to ensure the production, delivery, unloading, installation and safety stay on track and go according to plan.
  • Our very own installation teams are best-in-class, with decades of experience and a strict adherence to safety.
  • Our expert CAD team helps customers make sure the design is right.
  • We handle logistics so equipment is delivered and unloaded on time.
  • We help customers navigate the local permits needed for large-scale buildouts.
  • We offer safety inspections to ensure your facility meets all the right standards.

Whether your project is two thousand square feet or two million, our team is equipped with the right expertise and experience to help you get it done.

And To Provide Value to Customers

Looking for new equipment? As one of the largest distributors in the nation, we leverage our relationships and volume to enable wholesale pricing opportunities to our clients.

Looking to save even more?  We can blend in used equipment from our inventory of over 400,000sf across the nation.  All of our used inventory is “quality certified” including inside storage.

  • More than 10,000 customers
  • More than 1,000 complete warehouse builds
  • More than 50 million square feet built

Founded in 1978 at “The Crossroads of America,” in Central Indiana. Our location helps keep freight costs low, with especially affordable freight in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

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Partner Testimonial

“It’s hard to find a good vendor, but I found one with Storage Solutions.”

– Hendrickson International


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