Our Partnership with Fetch Robotics

Why automate with Storage Solutions, in partnership with Fetch Robotics?

Regardless of what industry you are in, more than likely you are experiencing growing pains as customer expectations continue to drastically change. Everyone wants smaller quantities of items and they want the turnaround time to be as quick as possible. Fetch RoboticsThat, combined with continued labor shortages and problems retaining good employees, is causing challenges for companies everywhere. With a Fetch Robotics autonomous mobile robot (AMR) from Storage Solutions, we can quickly and efficiently combat these problems.

What sets an AMR solution from Fetch Robotics apart?

When the time comes to make your facility run more efficiently, you need a solution that offers a streamlined process. With Fetch Robotics, you don’t have to go through painful facility modifications to get started. These solutions can be implemented very quickly, without making changes to your building. This also allows for easy adjustments down the road as your company needs continue to change. Relative to most automated systems, you have the scalability to quickly and simply add robots to provide increased throughput as your operational needs change. In addition to this, Fetch solutions have the unique ability to be implemented with or without warehouse management system (WMS) software integration. This allows for a shorter implementation time, which means getting you a faster ROI.

Fetch Robotics Autonomous Mobile Robot

Fetch Robotics Product Line

Fetch Robotics is your one stop shop for robotic automation. Whether you are looking for a small robot to handle totes or a large robot which can handle full pallets, Fetch Robotics offers a solution for you. Most AMR companies only offer one type of robot for one specific application. With the extensive product line available and even more products on the horizon, we can offer solutions specifically tailored to your facility needs.

Fetch Robotics Product Line

Fetch Cloud Robotics Platform

FetchCore cloud-based software services offer everything you need to deploy, operate, manage, analyze, integrate and optimize your facility. With FetchCore you have the freedom to get up and running with your new Fetch solution without adding costly new IT systems or time intensive integrations. Getting your robot launched is a seamless process with FetchCore. Once connected to your facility WiFi, a robotics expert will drive the robot around your facility to develop a detailed map. From there, it’s very easy to set up robot workflows including speed zones, preferred lanes, do not enter zones and more. If your day to day needs change, FetchCore makes it quick and easy to add new workflows for your robot, allowing you to implement those changes immediately.

Is Fetch Robotics right for your facility?

If you’re looking for an industry leader to offer you a safe, flexible and efficient solution to start providing immediate results, then an AMRFetch Robotics Shelf from Fetch is exactly what you need. Whether it is staffing issues, increased shipping volume or flexibility challenges in your warehouse we can work with you to find the right robotic solution. Our team of experts will gather the necessary information to make sure you are receiving the best fit for your needs. Contact us through the form to the right of this page or call us at 866.474.2001 to learn more about the products, the process and how we can get your facility running at optimal efficiency today.

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