Automated Packaging Systems

Automated packaing systems are designed to increase throughput and reduce costs.

automated packaging solution

Automated Packaging Solutions

Are you struggling with increased operational and labor costs due to changes in fulfillment expectations? Automated packing solutions can support increased throughput and lower labor costs that can help you get products out the door and in your customers’ hands faster and more efficiently than traditional, manual packing processes.

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Automatic Case Sealers

Automated case sealers secure products within an automated packaging system using either tape or glue. These systems offer reliable packaging that increases throughput within your facility. Automated case sealers regulate the materials used in the packaging process and remove the time associated with the manual labor of opening a box, filling a box, sealing the bottom, adding void-fill, and sealing the top.

Automatic Case Sealers
Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Automatic stretch wrappers can help drive operational costs down while increasing productivity by standardizing a wrapping process. These machines offer versatility, durability, and are designed to support containment, bundling, and display processes for products and pallets. Automatic stretch wrappers can compensate for differences in package sizes and can handle a wide variety of product lengths and shapes.

Automatic Carton Erectors

Automatic carton erectors automate the building of boxes being utilized in the fulfillment process. This technology is typically used when orders are being selected into the box they are going to ship in. Carton erectors eliminate the labor associated with folding box ‘flats’ into an assembled box & taping the bottom of the box.

Automatic Cartoning Systems
Automatic Packaging Systems

Automatic Packaging Systems (SealedAir iPack®)

SealedAir’s iPack® systems are high-speed bagging systems that can provide reliability, flexibility, and optimal packing for distribution centers of all types. This system removes the costliest aspects of packaging: labor resources dedicated to folding, taping, and material waste. By removing 60-70% of the resources dedicated to packing, the iPack® system can reduce costs and increase throughput up to 3x, when compared to traditional, manual packing.

Automatic Bagging Technology (SealedAir AUTOBAG®)

SealedAir’s AUTOBAG® systems are high-speed bagging systems that can provide reliability, flexibility, and optimal packing for distribution centers of all types. The AUTOBAG® technology works with your warehouse management system (WMS) to identify a product, produces a bag, then seals once the product is placed in the bag. This speedy solution can increase packing rate by 2x over manual rates and does not require the packer to open or seal the produce with a one-size-fits-all bag.

Automated Document Insertion

Automatic Document Inserters

Automatic document inserters are efficient and effective machines that take the manual labor out of adding paperwork into or onto a package or product. Items like packing slips, instructions, marketing materials, or other value-added services can be placed into or onto the proper packaging. Plus, with verification processes in place, you can rest assured that the right document is always in the right box before it leaves your facility.

Automated Dimensioning Systems

Automated dimensioning systems allow packed shipping boxes to be measured automatically so proper dimensions are used in the shipping manifest process. These systems ensure the proper information is included when determining shipping rates to eliminate costly rate changes from carriers upon audit.

Print and Apply Labeling

Print & Apply Labeling

High-speed printing and label application systems can deliver tremendous throughput levels and returns-on-investment by maximizing the amount of automation associated with this process while minimizing the amount of expensive, manual labor required. Printing is achieved with a thermal transfer, positioned directly over the next package, and applied to that package while it travels down a shipping conveyor reducing the need for changeover or separate labeling operations for a different product or packaging sizes.

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