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Warehouse Teardown

A local company came to Storage Solutions as they prepared to move out of their existing 250,000 sq. ft. warehouse, which at the time was still a fully functioning operation amid its busiest season. The customer asked us to tear down and purchase the remaining pallet racking and accessories throughout their facility in a short time frame, as they had just five weeks to vacate the building in compliance with their existing lease. To add to the complexity of the project, customer-owned product was still stored in the racking to be removed, and our team was asked to begin the installation of pallet racking at their new facility.

Complex projects are where Storage Solution’s wide range of turnkey solutions shine, especially when time is of the essence. See how we responded with those solutions below, to ensure this project was completed on time and within budget.

Existing Facility Teardown

To meet our customer’s needs, were able to deploy double our typical crew size through our in-house labor services to knock down the material as quickly as possible. The crew worked with on-site operations employees to sequence emptying the racks with tearing them down to minimize downtime.


Tearing down pallet racking is one thing – ensuring it  can be removed from the site efficiently and safely is another challenge our Logistics Handling Solutions (LHS) team was prepared to handle. Within the five-week window of the dismantlement, LHS booked just under forty trucks to shuttle material from the customer’s warehouse to SSI’s warehouse to be received. Not only was material brought back and received by our warehouse, but some of the material from the dismantle was drop shipped directly from the customer to two additional locations.

Project Management

An integral part of the entire process was our used purchasing team’s role in the project from start to finish. Our team made a site visit to accurately count and provide a quote to dismantle and purchase the material. Additionally, they coordinated with our in-house groups and got the project off the ground quickly – all while maintaining clear communication with our customer through the life cycle of the project.

New Facility Installation

It was essential to our customer that during the dismantle process we also install pallet racking at the new facility so they would have open pallet positions for product coming from the old location. Our installation crew to divided resources between sites when necessary to ensure we could meet our customer’s request.

Scope of Work

Dismantled & Purchased:




Carton Flow Lanes




A Large Mix Of Accessories

Booked, Loaded, & Received Just Under 40 Trucks

Drop shipped Material to 2 Separate Warehouses Direct from Site

This project was a strong example of Storage Solutions utilizing our in-house resources and ensuring a sense of urgency was exhibited through all steps of the process to meet our customer’s tight timeline. Storage Solution’s ability to respond to the needs of our customers on the fly is what separates us as not just a warehouse integrator but a trusted partner to all our customers.

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Storage Solutions recently completed a time-sensitive project helping a local cable tie and wire management company that needed to move out of its facility. Their lease was ending, and they were left with equipment in their warehouse that they no longer needed. Time was of the essence, and our customer needed the material out fast. Our client called our Used Purchasing Team to help, and we were confident in our ability to dismantle and remove this equipment in a safe and timely manner.

We started by sending a team member over to their facility to obtain an accurate count and measurement of the products to determine any potential challenges that needed to be addressed. The bill of material consisted of 70 uprights, 280 beams, 100 wire decks, and 50 bays of shelving. Our skilled team knew we had a tight window to complete the work but planned and executed the dismantle efficiently with a two-day turnaround to meet our client’s deadline.

At Storage Solutions, we are no strangers to accomplishing aggressive goals for dismantling and removing materials. In some circumstances, emptying your warehouse space can take as long as creating a new one. However, we make it simple by implementing our purchasing, logistics, sales, and in-house installation teams to address your problems upfront. Storage Solutions distinguishes ourselves by having those resources at our disposal and the ability to partner with your organization as a primary turnkey provider. Our team will evaluate and strategize a plan from start to finish while understanding the critical demand of time-sensitive projects.

Storage Solutions provides a single team that will provide a simple, smart, and strategic approach from start to finish. We provide everything you need to complete your project effectively, on time, and within budget, all while collaborating with a single trusted partner. With the assistance of our project management team, our company aims to distinguish itself from its competitors. Whether a two-day dismantle or a six-month project, our clients know they can come to us with any questions or challenges.

Is your company looking to relocate to a new facility? Contact us today and let our Used Purchaing team provide a turnkey approach to facilitate your move.

Warehouse Solutions Inc. On Time On Budget

Clear communication is a crucial component in any warehouse project. Managing multiple vendors and teams can be challenging when it comes to all the potential variables in one of these projects, from equipment procurement to permitting to logistics and installation. However, minimizing the number of external variables can significantly reduce the potential for project delays.

We recognize how frustrating this process can be for our clients, so as a result, we developed Warehouse Solutions Inc. (WSI). This in-house installation division of Storage Solutions is often one of the understated values of working with SSI. WSI’s teams have decades of experience, having worked on hundreds of projects each year, ranging in size from projects that may last a couple of hours to installations that may occur over the course of several months.

When WSI and SSI are combined, a seamless, process-based approach leads to consistently high-quality outcomes. We take a “best practices” approach that has been developed over time to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.

The process begins with a site visit to ensure that the WSI team knows everything required to complete the project. The WSI team can then be the “eyes and ears” on the job site and communicate quickly and clearly with our project managers and our logistics team to ensure the project continues to stay on course, even when challenges arise.

WSI team leaders have the knowledge to problem-solve on the spot, often without having to bother the client. This unique ability to address problems immediately gives clients an authentic turnkey experience, our goal for every project. This approach also allows our clients to focus on their job responsibilities instead of acting as project managers for their installation.

Without that in-house communication and teamwork, mistakes and hassles can suddenly arise. Multiple vendors mean multiple contacts and multiple fingers pointed as errors occur. Having the ability to prevent those errors ahead of time means projects will be conducted safely and without costly mistakes.

We boast a meager turnover rate among crew leaders, typically, crew leaders have been with WSI for an average of 12 years. Some have even accrued over 35 years of experience in the role. We also ensure team members are trained through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and maintain proper forklift and scissor lift certifications.

When choosing a partner for a project, it is crucial to trust that projects are completed the right way, with as few interruptions as possible. With exceptional communication, the Storage Solutions – Warehouse Solutions combination is a unique pairing designed to achieve that goal.

Do you have a project you’re getting ready to start? Let us know, and we can showcase our unique capabilities to deliver the right results for your next project.

Turnkey Solutions Equipment Purchasing

Delivering a seamless turnkey experience is something the entire Storage Solutions team strives to do with each project we undertake. Recently, a frequent 3PL client of ours found themselves with over 2,000 uprights, 20,000 beams, 25,000 wire decks, 5,800 row spacers, 600 aisle guards, and 1,500 column protectors sitting in their warehouse.

The client needed to move all of the equipment out of their warehouse as quickly as possible because, despite being nearly new, it no longer fit their needs. With all that racking sitting in their warehouse – representing almost $2 million in material – they called our Used Purchasing Team (UPT) to help. After learning about the situation, our team was confident in our ability to move this equipment. Because of our size, scope, and skill, we knew we could also solve some additional challenges along the way.

To start, we sent a team member to the site to get photos, measurements, and an accurate count, and the work began. Our sales teams and project managers got word of the equipment’s specifications. They reached out to several other clients with immediate needs for racking but who were on waiting lists because the lead time on warehouse equipment is so long in the current environment.

We utilized our in-house logistics team to coordinate the shipments of 60 truckloads over two weeks to several locations, navigating the challenges that come with today’s shipping environment. We also used our in-house installation team because they have a long history of quality work on short timelines. Our purchasing, logistics, sales, and installation teams adeptly responded to all the challenges that come with moving $2 million in warehouse equipment in a short timeframe.

Having those resources in-house and being able to completely control every aspect of a project is what sets Storage Solutions apart. Many of our clients don’t know where to begin when it comes to challenges like these. Who would be your first call? Who would you hire to load the trucks? Do they have experience with dismantling and banding equipment and loading it safely on trucks?

Because we have such a deep team, with dedicated, in-house associates that know the ins and outs of equipment purchasing, teardowns and installations, and shipping and logistics, we were able to provide a turnkey service that solved our client’s unique challenge.

At the end of the day, we delivered a great win for our customer with our ability to provide excellent turnkey service and move swiftly in removing the material on site. It is another example of our size, scope, and skill separating us from others in our industry. We can solve challenges in ways others cannot.

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Storage Solutions completed a project for a longtime client for their 400,000 square foot facility in New Hampshire. The client was condensing their operations to free up warehouse space and required a creative solution to completely reverse the flow of their outbound conveyor system and re-locate their shipping sortation race-track conveyor.

Warehouse Conveyor Manchester NH 1

However, the challenge with this project was the integration of the new conveyor with their existing conveyor system. The design had to factor in their need to have the conveyor interact with their existing pick modules. There was also a time crunch associated with the project, so proper planning and design were integral at the early stages to ensure the project would be completed on time and within budget.

Additionally, at the time, lead times for new conveyors were estimated at 20 weeks, while the client only had an 8-week window to complete the project. So, our engineers got to work while our account representatives and project managers began procuring the proper equipment.

Because of our vast network of partners, we could find a portion of what we needed from new product sources while using some of the client’s existing conveyors. We also found mechanical and electrical installers who were up for the challenge and had a strong base of product knowledge and experience.

We integrated the new conveyor material with their existing system, used TGW’s motor-driven roller (MDR) conveyor to create a 180-degree curve, and Russell Conveyors for spurs, curves, and merges. We were able to utilize a conveyor loop design – similar to a horseshoe – to maximize the use of space. Our engineers and product managers made site visits to ensure everything was on schedule and provided guidance on reprogramming all of the different components to make everything run together properly.

Ultimately, we were able to take a complicated problem like designing and reversing a conveyor system within a smaller footprint – when new conveyor lead times were around 20 weeks – and complete the project with minimal downtime in 8 weeks to the day. This success is just one reason why our clients continue to be repeat customers and it shows that delivering creative solutions can be accomplished because of our internal teamwork and diverse set of expertise.

Our scope of work included:

  • Conveyor System Design & Engineering Services
  • Project Management
  • Logistics Services
  • Installation Services
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Control Programming

Want to learn more about past projects we have completed? Check out other case studies from a variety of project types across several industries.

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SSI Difference - Size Scope Skill

With all the obstacles that can belie any project – from labor shortages to logistical challenges to project management issues – it pays to work with a company that can solve challenges. Especially in times like these, when it seems all of these challenges are happening simultaneously, it pays off to work with a partner that offers the size, scope, and skill to overcome those and get the job done on time and on budget.

As the most significant storage equipment integrator in North America, we have the capabilities to get projects done on a shorter timeline and with a lesser impact on your day-to-day operations that other companies do not have.

What does that mean? How does that benefit you? Let’s explain…

We Can Source Warehouse Storage Equipment When Others Can’t

When it comes to buying power, we are unmatched in our industry. We are a Top-5 purchaser of pallet racking from the Top-8 manufacturers in North America when most other integrators cannot boast that claim for one or two of them. This status means that we have buying power that allows us to source equipment that others cannot because of our size and scope.

That status also means that we can achieve quicker lead times than others. Because each project is unique, we can get things done faster than the competition. We have such good relationships with our partners that, in the rare instance where production space is open, our manufacturing partners will reach out to us to see if we are interested in their supply. Of course, we are!

So, when some manufacturers may be sitting on 24-week production schedules, we can fit orders into their existing schedule because they know we’re always looking to buy. These unique vendor relationships allow us to place orders on reserved production because we know we can connect our clients to new equipment faster than others.

Another differentiator we can boast of is our 330,000 square-foot warehouse, located in Central Indiana, just north of Indianapolis. We always have new and preowned equipment in stock, and our warehouse allows us to be aggressive in acquiring inventory, which means we can help fill orders quicker. Plus, when there is a delay on a project and equipment is in transit, there are times that we can use and hold those uprights, beams, wire decks, or other equipment in our facility until the project gets back on track.

We are Growing at a Record Pace, Adding More Strategic Partners & Staff Along the Way

As a team, we continue to grow in size and skill. We have added dozens of new talent in sales, engineering, project management, installation, and operations in the past few years, which means we can accommodate a higher volume of projects at any given time and handle a larger share of each clients’ challenges. We have always engaged in training and continuous improvement, but we’ve made a real effort to get our staff accredited and certified in their area of expertise, and it’s paying off for our team and our partners.

We have new strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Daifuku, MHS Global, inVia Robotics, OPEX, and more, which means we are more connected to the latest-and-greatest solutions that can genuinely drive ROI on our clients’ projects. These are new areas of specialization that we have never been able to offer before.

Our approach means we can put the processes and programs to our client’s success. By being proactive – instead of reactive – we can control a project that many others cannot. That pays off by creating long-term partnerships with our growing number of clients because they know we can help solve nearly any challenge that may lay ahead.

We Have the In-House Talent to Navigate Project Planning and Execution

Another one of our main differentiators is our ability to provide in-house Turnkey Services to accommodate project planning and execution. Not only can we assist in the engineering and permitting process, but we offer an unmatched, robust project management team dedicated to each project. That team provides oversight on each component of a project and is in constant communication regarding safety checkpoints, installation progress, permits, logistics, and all the elements required to ensure a project is executed at a top-of-class level.

We offer this as an in-house solution because we ultimately want to be a partner that makes the best use of our clients’ time. Instead of being stuck calling around trying to find answers – or finding out what questions you even need to ask – we already know whom to ask, what to ask, and how to navigate the challenges associated with planning and executing these projects.

Our logistics and installation teams are also held in-house to provide complete control over projects and to ensure that there are no “gaps” in relying on two third-party vendors to coordinate with each other.

Especially now, in late 2021, supply chain and labor markets are experiencing massive delays and challenges. Fewer trucks are available. Delivery times are all over the place. Labor shortages are nationwide. We are not immune from these challenges, but we experience them to lesser degrees than our competition because we can control more resources than others. In other words, just because there is a labor shortage or supply chain disruption, it doesn’t mean we can’t get the job done. Our team can.

When our internal resources are stretched, and we do need to reach out to a third-party vendor, we have built a massive nationwide network of vetted vendors that we can utilize when necessary, and we can leverage our relationships when essential for our clients to receive preferential treatments.

We’re Ready to Get Started!

If you’ve worked with us before, you know our agnostic approach to sourcing solutions means we can deliver your project with fewer challenges than any other partner. If you haven’t worked with us before, give us a call and share more about how we have the size, scope, and skill that positions us as a true industry leader. That position makes us an ideal partner, especially in the current environment of unforeseen challenges and obstacles.

Whether you are about to plan a significant project like designing a new distribution center, investigating whether or not to introduce automation to your operations, or are just exploring options for a project partner, give us a call. We have a team in-house that can help you at every stage of that project, from design through implementation and support.


Brandan Alford Turnkey Solutions Video

Our integrated supply and service approach to Turnkey Solutions means your Storage Solutions team has tighter control over all facets of your project, ensuring you meet your timeline and budget. Oversight for each component and executing entire projects as one team means efficiencies that generate better results with fewer surprises along the way.

We specialize in:

  • Project Management
  • Safety
  • Installation
  • Permitting
  • Logistics

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Rialto California Project

We’re always up for a challenge when it comes to new facility installation! This 100,000 square foot facility in Rialto needed new material to prepare for new product and increased shipping volume in its current layout. We took on the task of installing new racking and removing old material while the facility was fully operational.

This 3-month long project revolved around the replacement of the existing equipment while working around the “operational areas”. This took a lot of coordination between the SSI Project Manager and the team on-site. Everything needed to be completely planned out so the removal and installation could be completed by the scheduled time. We were able to sequence the installation to allow the customer the necessary operating space while giving ourselves ample room to finish the project without delay.

Need some work done on a new or existing facility? Our project management team is here to help you get the job done right.

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SSI has been around the world

You probably have already heard of our warehouse services, but do you know just how far our footprint stretches? Our warehousing projects have taken us all over the world!

In 2017, our installation team completed nearly 200 jobs in 28 different states, including one job abroad.

Whether it be an installation job, a project manager site visit and everything in between, Storage Solutions has been all over the globe working to ensure that all of our customers’ jobs go as smoothly as possible. We like to make sure that all of our projects have a personal touch, making your project our project.

We’ve done warehouse jobs all over the continental United States, as well as across the globe in Mexico, Australia and more. Our experience has made us one of the leaders in the warehouse industry, and the perfect partner for your projects.

Whether you are steps from our parking lot or thousands of miles away, we will assure you the highest quality when we work on your project. Our installation division is top notch along with our experienced Project Managers, we will make certain that your task is executed to the best of our abilities.

Want to learn more about our project capabilities? Contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly.