Warehouse Solutions Inc. Ensures Projects are Completed On Time and On Budget

Warehouse Solutions Inc. On Time On Budget

Clear communication is a crucial component in any warehouse project. Managing multiple vendors and teams can be challenging when it comes to all the potential variables in one of these projects, from equipment procurement to permitting to logistics and installation. However, minimizing the number of external variables can significantly reduce the potential for project delays.

We recognize how frustrating this process can be for our clients, so as a result, we developed Warehouse Solutions Inc. (WSI). This in-house installation division of Storage Solutions is often one of the understated values of working with SSI. WSI’s teams have decades of experience, having worked on hundreds of projects each year, ranging in size from projects that may last a couple of hours to installations that may occur over the course of several months.

When WSI and SSI are combined, a seamless, process-based approach leads to consistently high-quality outcomes. We take a “best practices” approach that has been developed over time to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.

The process begins with a site visit to ensure that the WSI team knows everything required to complete the project. The WSI team can then be the “eyes and ears” on the job site and communicate quickly and clearly with our project managers and our logistics team to ensure the project continues to stay on course, even when challenges arise.

WSI team leaders have the knowledge to problem-solve on the spot, often without having to bother the client. This unique ability to address problems immediately gives clients an authentic turnkey experience, our goal for every project. This approach also allows our clients to focus on their job responsibilities instead of acting as project managers for their installation.

Without that in-house communication and teamwork, mistakes and hassles can suddenly arise. Multiple vendors mean multiple contacts and multiple fingers pointed as errors occur. Having the ability to prevent those errors ahead of time means projects will be conducted safely and without costly mistakes.

We boast a meager turnover rate among crew leaders, typically, crew leaders have been with WSI for an average of 12 years. Some have even accrued over 35 years of experience in the role. We also ensure team members are trained through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and maintain proper forklift and scissor lift certifications.

When choosing a partner for a project, it is crucial to trust that projects are completed the right way, with as few interruptions as possible. With exceptional communication, the Storage Solutions – Warehouse Solutions combination is a unique pairing designed to achieve that goal.

Do you have a project you’re getting ready to start? Let us know, and we can showcase our unique capabilities to deliver the right results for your next project.