Project Spotlight: Time-Sensitive Pallet Rack Removal Made Easy

Storage Solutions recently completed a time-sensitive project helping a local cable tie and wire management company that needed to move out of its facility. Their lease was ending, and they were left with equipment in their warehouse that they no longer needed. Time was of the essence, and our customer needed the material out fast. Our client called our Used Purchasing Team to help, and we were confident in our ability to dismantle and remove this equipment in a safe and timely manner.

We started by sending a team member over to their facility to obtain an accurate count and measurement of the products to determine any potential challenges that needed to be addressed. The bill of material consisted of 70 uprights, 280 beams, 100 wire decks, and 50 bays of shelving. Our skilled team knew we had a tight window to complete the work but planned and executed the dismantle efficiently with a two-day turnaround to meet our client’s deadline.

At Storage Solutions, we are no strangers to accomplishing aggressive goals for dismantling and removing materials. In some circumstances, emptying your warehouse space can take as long as creating a new one. However, we make it simple by implementing our purchasing, logistics, sales, and in-house installation teams to address your problems upfront. Storage Solutions distinguishes ourselves by having those resources at our disposal and the ability to partner with your organization as a primary turnkey provider. Our team will evaluate and strategize a plan from start to finish while understanding the critical demand of time-sensitive projects.

Storage Solutions provides a single team that will provide a simple, smart, and strategic approach from start to finish. We provide everything you need to complete your project effectively, on time, and within budget, all while collaborating with a single trusted partner. With the assistance of our project management team, our company aims to distinguish itself from its competitors. Whether a two-day dismantle or a six-month project, our clients know they can come to us with any questions or challenges.

Is your company looking to relocate to a new facility? Contact us today and let our Used Purchaing team provide a turnkey approach to facilitate your move.