Project Spotlight: Turnkey Solutions Solve Kentucky Client’s Headaches

Turnkey Solutions Equipment Purchasing

Delivering a seamless turnkey experience is something the entire Storage Solutions team strives to do with each project we undertake. Recently, a frequent 3PL client of ours found themselves with over 2,000 uprights, 20,000 beams, 25,000 wire decks, 5,800 row spacers, 600 aisle guards, and 1,500 column protectors sitting in their warehouse.

The client needed to move all of the equipment out of their warehouse as quickly as possible because, despite being nearly new, it no longer fit their needs. With all that racking sitting in their warehouse – representing almost $2 million in material – they called our Used Purchasing Team (UPT) to help. After learning about the situation, our team was confident in our ability to move this equipment. Because of our size, scope, and skill, we knew we could also solve some additional challenges along the way.

To start, we sent a team member to the site to get photos, measurements, and an accurate count, and the work began. Our sales teams and project managers got word of the equipment’s specifications. They reached out to several other clients with immediate needs for racking but who were on waiting lists because the lead time on warehouse equipment is so long in the current environment.

We utilized our in-house logistics team to coordinate the shipments of 60 truckloads over two weeks to several locations, navigating the challenges that come with today’s shipping environment. We also used our in-house installation team because they have a long history of quality work on short timelines. Our purchasing, logistics, sales, and installation teams adeptly responded to all the challenges that come with moving $2 million in warehouse equipment in a short timeframe.

Having those resources in-house and being able to completely control every aspect of a project is what sets Storage Solutions apart. Many of our clients don’t know where to begin when it comes to challenges like these. Who would be your first call? Who would you hire to load the trucks? Do they have experience with dismantling and banding equipment and loading it safely on trucks?

Because we have such a deep team, with dedicated, in-house associates that know the ins and outs of equipment purchasing, teardowns and installations, and shipping and logistics, we were able to provide a turnkey service that solved our client’s unique challenge.

At the end of the day, we delivered a great win for our customer with our ability to provide excellent turnkey service and move swiftly in removing the material on site. It is another example of our size, scope, and skill separating us from others in our industry. We can solve challenges in ways others cannot.

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