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Project Spotlight: Retail Distribution Center in New Jersey

Storage Solutions recently completed work on a 1,500,000 square-foot facility based in southeast New Jersey. This project involved the installation of pallet rack for a brand-new retail distribution center, a “guinea-pig” facility that integrated some new fulfillment technology for our client.

This project was unique because it was one of three facilities built concurrently that each utilized six 40-foot-tall vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs) that boasted an 11,000-pound capacity with an engineered solution for maintenance access. It also featured a two-level pick module that sat atop a 20-foot-tall concrete mezzanine, and 5,000 bays of selective racking.

During installation, our project management expertise shined through. Our client worked directly with pallet rack manufacturers on the other two facilities involved in this project. However – as with many projects – unforeseen challenges arose. Because we control all aspects of projects through our project management and sales teams, we were able to handle those challenges around installation and vendor coordination with the number of material manufacturers and labor trades required.

And because we can leverage the strength of our relationships with all our partners, we provided effective solutions more cleanly than at the other facilities where the customer was working manufacturer direct. Manufacturers are great at making products, as we know well from our many valued partnerships. However, sometimes manufacturers lack the project resources that Storage Solutions can provide on a complex project to ensure the installation is completed on time and on budget. In fact, once a change was made at the New Jersey facility, we worked with the manufacturers at the other facilities to implement those exact solutions in a relatively seamless manner.

Our scope of work included:

  • 6 40’H VRCS with 11,000# capacity
  • 2-Level pick module on top of a 20’H concrete mezzanine
  • Selective rack
  • Integration of storage with miles of conveyance
  • Logistics services
  • Installation services
  • Safety products (backstop beams, netting, etc.)
  • Wire decking
  • 300,000 square feet of decking
  • 60,000 beams
  • Much more!

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