Employee Spotlight: Tim Fonderoli

Tim Fonderoli

At Storage Solutions, we push for our employees to not only grow in their professional lives, but their personal lives just as much. For this reason, we are always ecstatic to report good news about a member of the Storage Solutions team. We applaud all of our employees for reaching personal milestones.

That being said, we would like to give our praises to one of our Sales Team Leaders, Tim Fonderoli, on the outstanding feat of losing 125 pounds over a year and a half! Storage Solutions encourages good health and wellness, so we are incredibly proud of him for being a great example for the rest of us at SSI!

Tim became a part of IU Health’s study program Virta Health, citing that his main motivation to lose the weight was so that he would be able to dance at his grandchildren’s wedding. Calling the program “life-changing”, Tim says that he is off of all medications and no longer diabetic.

During his 15 year tenure with Storage Solutions, we have seen him develop as an employee and as a person over those years. Similar to his role at SSI, Tim saw his goal, stayed motivated throughout his entire endeavor and exceeded expectations.

Of course all of us at Storage Solutions are extremely proud of Tim, and we can’t wait to see how else he amazes us in the future!

You can see Tim’s journey in a video by Virta Health here.

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