Ryan Rebholz
Ryan Rebholz

Welcome to Storage Solutions, Ryan Rebholz!

We are pleased to welcome Ryan Rebholz to the Storage Solutions team! Ryan joins us as a National Accounts Manager out of our Westfield office. Ryan has prior knowledge and experience in the material handling realm. His last position was for Crown as an Account Manager. While he was there, he managed and oversaw forklifts, storage systems, and layouts for his customers. We are thrilled with the knowledge he brings to our team!

Ryan was born and raised in Fishers, Indiana. When he’s not at work, he loves spending time with his friends and family. He is recently engaged, and he and his fiancée are enjoying the beginning of wedding planning. Along with this, Ryan loves to golf, cook and spend time at the lake.

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“I am excited about working with a great group of people who have a lot of resources. This will make it possible to have a positive impact on the customers we serve. I am also looking forward to furthering my industry knowledge.”

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Kelly Saez
Kelly Saez

Welcome to Storage Solutions, Kelly Saez!

We are so pleased to welcome Kelly Saez to the Storage Solutions Team! Kelly joins us as our Office Coordinator out of our Westfield office.

Kelly’s experience consists of over 10 years assisting high-level executives and managing business relationships in a corporate environment.  However, more recently, she has been fortunate to stay home with her two sons, Kyle and Jake. Kelly has been married to her husband, Joe, for 21 years. When she’s not working, she and her husband are often found mat-side with an elevated heart rate, cheering on their sons who have a passion for wrestling. She also likes spending time outdoors and being active. Some of her favorite activities are hiking, bike rides, and yard games.

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“I am looking forward to learning and growing with the team at Storage Solutions.”

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Justin Hubbard
Justin Hubbard


Welcome, Justin Hubbard!

Our company is growing! We are thrilled to welcome Justin Hubbard to the Storage Solutions Team! Justin joins us as a National Account Manager for our Kansas City office. He was born and raised in the Kansas City area and received his Associate’s degree in Business from Longview Community College and then went on to get his Bachelor’s degree in Management and Finance from Park University.

For the past 16 years, he worked for Husqvarna Construction. While there, he held roles in customer service, product management, sales, and most recently as a regional sales manager. Justin enjoyed his time at Husqvarna but was ready for a new challenge. We are so glad he is now part of our team and cannot wait to see him succeed in his new role!

When he’s not working, Justin enjoys fishing, running, cooking with his wife, traveling to new places, and spending time with friends and family. He and his wife have a greyhound named Dax, who keeps them very busy. He is also a huge fan of soccer; he grew up playing often and still tries to play on weekends when possible.

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“I am most excited to work for a company that has a winning culture and sets the bar high when it comes to exceeding customer expectations. I’m energized by all the new things I will learn about this growing industry and thankful to be on the market-leading SSI team.”

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Katie Grisdale
Katie Grisdale


Welcome, Katie Grisdale!

We are excited to announce that Katie Grisdale has joined Storage Solutions! Katie will be working as a Project Manager for our National Accounts Team. She comes to us with 33 years of experience in the material handling industry. Her most recent employment was at Crown Lift Trucks in Plymouth, MI for 23 years. During her time at Crown Lift Trucks, she worked as a Project Manager, but performed many other tasks such as HR back-up, payroll back-up, and setting up new customers and suppliers. We are so glad she’s joined the Storage Solutions Team!

Outside of work, Katie enjoys traveling, camping, working in the yard, and planting her vegetable garden every year. She is an animal lover and has two cats and dogs, she enjoys spending time with her husband and stepson.

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“I’m excited about working with all my co-workers at Storage Solutions and building relationships with all our customers and suppliers.  This industry is my “niche” and I love it!”

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Glenn Davis
Glenn Davis


Welcome, Glenn Davis!

We are pleased to welcome Glenn Davis to our Storage Solutions Team! Glenn joins us as a National Account Manager out of our Westfield office.

Glenn has over 20 years of experience in matching his clients with the right solutions in the worlds of industrial sales, leasing, market analysis, acquisitions, construction, and financing/development.

As a veteran of the commercial real estate and material handling industries, Glenn provides his customers with value-added expertise and a “simple, smart, strategic” approach to solving challenges. We are thrilled with Glenn’s creative thinking and ability to provide sound business advice and are excited to see him excel in his new role here at Storage Solutions.

When he’s not working he enjoys coaching hockey, snow skiing, boating, and playing golf! He also loves to spend time with his wife of 38 years and his 3 children.

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“I’m excited to work at a company with a great reputation and great people”

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Buy Used Warehouse Equipment SSI Warehouse

Our goal is to assist our clients with any type of warehouse transition. We understand that selling or moving your current material handling equipment such as pallet rack, shelving, mezzanine, conveyor, etc, can provide a large headache. We would like to help you resolve that issue.

Are you closing down or consolidating one or more of your facilities?  Let us buy your used pallet rack and other material handling equipment.  Are you opening a new facility, or changing locations?  We will help you transition to a new warehouse or redesign your current one.  We can help you save money on your warehouse redesign, and we also remove the hassle of having to tear down and move all of your equipment!

Are you having trouble deciding what kind of storage equipment is best for your needs?  Contact us today to get our free recommendation for your new operation!

Here is a brief list of equipment we would be interested in purchasing:

pallet rack usedPallet Rack:  selective pallet rack, drive-in pallet rack, drive-thru pallet rack, pushback pallet rack, cantilever rack, wire decks, etc.

Shelving:  open steel shelving, closed steel shelving, single rivet shelving, double rivet shelving, wire shelving, etc.

Conveyor:  gravity conveyor, power conveyor, skate wheel conveyor, roller conveyor, etc.

Pallet Rack Accessories / Safety Equipment:  row spacers, pallet supports, wire decking, column protectors, end-of-aisle protectors, column deflectors, guardrails, etc.

Pick Modules, Mezzanine, & Tape Machines

Well, that just about wraps up another Storage Solutions blog session.  Don’t forget to check out the clearance section of our website.  We are constantly adding new equipment, so be sure to take a few minutes to see if there is anything that catches your eye.

Matt Bangert
Matt Bangert


Welcome, Matt Bangert!

We are pleased to welcome Matt Bangert to the Storage Solutions Team! Matt joins us as our Director of Automation/Technology Sales, and he will be working from his home in Columbus, Ohio. We are thrilled to be expanding our Solutions team!

Matt is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where he studied Mechanical Engineering as well as Engineering Management. He has years of material handling experience, working with various integrators and systems providers. He has worked with everything from carton flow racking to fully automated sortation systems.

Matt is an outgoing, enthusiastic engineer by trade with broad experiences across various company industries. He loves to spend time traveling with his wife and getting to experience different adventures.  He and his wife have traveled to Mexico, Canada, Australia, Italy, and just about all 50 states if you count driving through. Along with this, he likes to work on home renovations and help train their new Goldendoodle puppy, Mochi!

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“I’m looking forward to great things in 2021! I would like to gain more industry knowledge on where we can be most competitive in an everchanging market we call material handling. Each customer proves to have different pain points and I encourage the challenge in figuring out the best solution for each. I am most excited about the team I have joined and the strong foundation that Kevin and Eric have put together over the last few years. We have a great balance of talent across the board which will help us exceed in this new market strategy. It’s always fun to learn more about existing customers’ operations and how we can help from an automation standpoint!”

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Used Conveyor Warehouse

conveyorFor a variety of reasons including foreclosure, mergers, acquisitions, or downsizing, companies may decide (or are forced) to consolidate and/or close some of their facilities in an effort to minimize expenses.  This process can be much more difficult than some might expect and can be the cause of some very large headaches if not handled appropriately.

However, Storage Solutions offers a number of services that will make your transition simple and easy.

  • In addition to selling new material handling equipment, we also purchase used material handling equipment.  This provides an easy option for any company that has been forced to close one or more facilities and liquidate its assets.
  • We also offer trade-in value for your used equipment, if you are looking to alter or modify the equipment in your current storage facility.
  • We have our own team of professional installers, which allows us to help make your transition into your new facility as seamless as possible.  Many companies hire third-party contractors to perform their installation and demolition services.  Our crews are specifically focused on installing and tearing down pallet rack and racking components.  This enables us to get the job done in a quick and efficient manner while maintaining an exceptional level of quality in our work.

Are you interested in learning more? Visit our “Relocation Solutions” page to learn how our warehouse experts will take care of your old facility and equipment so you can focus on everything else.

Buy Used Warehouse Equipment SSI Warehouse

pallet rackAs the industry continues to change rapidly in response to increasing delivery expectations as a result of e-commerce, warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers are looking for ways to increase profitability and productivity within their facilities. But along with the potential for industry growth comes a rise in steel prices, which inevitably have a profound effect on the costs of new warehouse material.

There is a hesitancy among some organizations when it comes to the idea of incorporating used materials into their warehouse solutions. Some used equipment suppliers will store used materials outdoors, where beams and uprights are exposed to the elements and can often develop rust. The great thing about Storage Solutions is that we store all of our materials (new AND used) inside our 330,000 square feet warehouse to ensure that everything we sell has maintained structural integrity.

Buying used warehouse equipment can have many benefits, most notably:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: With steel prices on the rise and no stalemate in sight, purchasing completely new materials can put a damper on project budgets. When you purchase pre-owned pallet racks, you can get more bang for your buck without having to worry about jeopardizing the integrity of your operation.
  2. Avoid Lead Times: When you purchase new materials, there is almost always a lead time of 4-8 weeks before manufacturers can produce and ship their product. Whether you’re under a time crunch or bound by your budget, purchasing used equipment is the perfect solution.

While we know that used materials are never quite as good as new ones, our goal is to make sure that your used pallet rack beams and used pallet rack uprights are of comparable quality to what you would purchase new.

If you’re looking to save this spring, whether it’s on a warehouse consolidation, purchase of new warehouse equipment, or re-configuring a current operation, Storage Solutions has a solution for you. Contact our sales representatives at 866.474.2001–they’re ready and willing to get you what you need.

Pallet Flow Rack Explainer

What is Pallet Flow Rack?

Pallet flow rack is selective rack placed back-to-back to allow for more storage space. Inclined conveyor wheel sections are installed in the rack, enabling back-loaded pallets to flow via gravity to the front or pick face.

Pallet FlowPallet flow rack consists of:

  • Pallet Rack
  • Gravity Flow Rails
  • Gravity Flow Speed Controllers

How it works:

Flow rails slant towards the unloading side of the pallet rack, using gravity to move pallets from the loading side to the picking side for retrieval.  Flow speed controllers are used to control the speed of the pallet as it moves along the rails. Once one load is removed from the unloading side of the pallet flow racks, the next slides into it’s place.

Why Pallet Flow Rack?

Pallet flow rack is not only designed to save valuable floor space and cut down on labor, but it provides high-density storage with multiple order picking levels.  This system is what we like to call a First-In, First-Out flow system (FIFO), which ensures that the faces along the picking aisle are always stocked.

Does this sound like something you are interested in knowing more about?  Is it the perfect fit for your warehouse operation?  Give us a call at 866.474.2001 and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will be able to help you get what you need!

We also do customizable warehouse configurations, so if a reconfiguration is in order, definitely be sure to contact us!