Chris Goodman
Chris Goodman


Welcome, Chris Goodman!

As a growing company, we are constantly looking to expand our footprint. With that being said, we are thrilled to welcome Chris Goodman to Storage Solutions.

Chris is a graduate of Penn State University where he received a degree in Business Administration. Since then, he has gained a passion for sales. His last position was in sales for a corrugation company. Chris will be working as a National Accounts Manager for us out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We are excited to see how he excels in his new role here at Storage Solutions. Welcome to the team, Chris!

When he’s not working, he loves to play golf! 4-Man scrambles are his favorite. Some of his other hobbies include; shooting traps at his local gun club and volunteering for his local soup kitchen during the holidays. Chris loves modern sports cars and hopes to own one someday.

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“I’m excited to expand Storage Solutions’ footprint in the Pennsylvania area. There are many new warehouses being constructed. I can’t wait to get into these spaces and begin selling!”

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Using the Right Pick Module

As an increasing number of distribution centers and warehouses adapt to rapidly changing times, pick modules have become more popular as systems to increase storage utilization and labor efficiency. Due to changes in consumer demand, orders are becoming smaller, and expectation between the time an item is ordered and when it is delivered continues to shrink.

In turn, this new dynamic is causing retailers to require less inventory at their stores physically. Warehouses are responding by shifting to store a wider variety of products and SKUs. So, to make fulfillment quicker and easier when inventory grows broader and more profound, pick modules are being widely adopted to support the changing environment.

Our friends at UNARCO Material Handling, Inc. do a great job of explaining the functionality of these systems:

“The idea behind the Pick Module is optimum flow efficiency. Palletized loads are moved by gravity through the system before being broken into cartons and pieces, then sent to pick areas and finally shipped to the consumer. Technology, coupled with integrated conveyor and sortation systems, direct the flow of in-bound product through the order fulfillment stage.”

Industries of all types have seen pick modules improve the operations of their distribution centers. Any facility that processes small-parts or small order fulfillment – think about parts distributors or e-commerce companies – can particularly benefit from adopting pick modules.

Ultimately, it comes down to getting workers more comfortable, ergonomic access to these smaller picks & using automation to deliver the work to workers to minimize travel in the operation. The pick module systems can be designed to fit the needs of the stored parts and how they are picked. So, which style of pick module is the best for your business?

Shelf-Supported Pick Module

Pick modules that utilize rivet or steel shelving offer a degree of customization to support storage capacity optimization. Each shelving unit can be customized to fit whatever product is stored there, which is useful in warehouses that process many similarly-sized items or variations of the same product. They are relatively cost-effective. However, both rivet and steel shelving are considered less durable than pallet rack supported systems. You can learn more about the differences between the rivet and steel shelving here.

Rack-Supported Pick Module

Pick modules configured with traditional pallet racking offer managers the heaviest-duty of the various styles. While they also are the most costly to invest in, they also provide the longest-term solution, because you are essentially designing a system that can be flexible to suit your needs as you grow. By working with a design consultant with years of experience in storage design, you can account for potential growth from your organization, allowing you to easily reconfigure your pick module when bringing in new customers and products.

Pick Module with Storage Bins

Storage bins are an additional method of improving your spatial capacity within a pick module. Among the smallest storage mediums available, containers help keep similar items in one area without intermingling with different products. Typically, they are useful when you want to pick very small products that are not easily contained by packaging, as opposed to full-cases or large cube eaches. They are available in various colors and sizes to best utilize the storage space and make picking easier for the worker.

Light Duty Cantilever Shelving Pick Module

Light-duty cantilever shelving is among the most cost-effective storage solutions for pick modules. Primarily the cantilevered design offers uninterrupted shelving, which can be configured to whatever height provides the most vertical utilization. The world’s most popular online retailers utilize light-duty cantilever shelving because their shelves can span hundreds of feet without wasting inches between racking. Because they process such a high volume, each wasted inch can add up across thousands of shelving feet.

Are You Ready?

Whether you are looking to adapt to changing consumer demand or looking to adopt efficient tools to improve your fulfillment processes, we are here to help. Our team of storage experts can work with you to learn more about your business, what unique challenges you may face, and then create solutions tailored to suit your needs. Give us a call today!

Andrew Reynoldson
Andrew Reynoldson


Welcome, Andrew Reynoldson!

As a growing company, we are constantly looking to expand our footprint. With that being said, we are thrilled to welcome Andrew Reynoldson to Storage Solutions. Andrew will work as our newest Sales Representative for our National Accounts team out of Dallas, Texas. We are so excited to have him join us and provide us with a presence in the Texas market.

Andrew is a graduate of Texas A&M University. While there, he studied supply chain, business management and distribution. In his most recent position, he was a Territory Manager for American Hotel. His focus was in business to business sales of indoor and outdoor hotel supplies and equipment.

He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Growing up, he played soccer and raced shifter go-karts. He is always up to try new things and most recently has picked up golf. Andrew loves to be active outdoors and likes to hike, ski and hangout with his Corgi, named Crouton.

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“I’m most excited about working with my new team and selling in an industry where I have some background experience. I love that I’ll be a part of much larger, more impactful projects than I’ve been accustomed to in the past and am excited to see how the best do it! I’m looking to gain knowledge and experience on the other side of our industry that I haven’t yet been exposed to. I’m all about self-development and understand that this as a great opportunity to become a better sales professional.”

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RJ Atwal Headshot
RJ Atwal Headshot


Welcome, RJ Atwal!

Welcome to the Storage Solutions team, Rjvir (RJ) Atwal! RJ joins us out of our Westfield office as one of our newest National Account Managers. RJ is a graduate of Indiana University where he studied both Marketing and Professional Sales. While at school, he was involved in various development clubs as well as an internship that helped prepare him for his career today. After college, he worked with AT&T in their business to business sales program. We are thrilled with the knowledge he brings to the table!

RJ was born and raised in Greenwood, IN. Both of his parents moved to the United States from Punjab, India, over 35 years ago. In his free time, RJ loves being outdoors. Some of his favorite activities are basketball, fishing, and golf, though he’s always open to trying new things.

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“I’m most excited to be working with such a great group of people. A team full of mentors and role models truly makes my day-to-day enjoyable. I’m looking forward to gaining a sense of achievement that comes from being a major contributor to a team. I’m excited to grow in this position and I’m looking forward to the day I feel 100% comfortable talking through SSI’s portfolio of solutions.”

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Andrew Lapel
Andrew Lapel


Welcome, Andrew Lapel!

As automation solutions continue to grow and develop within our company, our Solutions Development team is growing as well. We are pleased to welcome our newest hire, Andrew Lapel. Andrew joins us as our Solutions Development Associate, his role will focus on automation and engineering within warehouses.

Andrew is a recent graduate of Purdue University where he studied Industrial Engineering with a minor in Business Management. He comes to us with experience in facility design and management. In his most recent position, he worked for Midcontinent Independent System Operators. While there, he focused on software that optimizes space within their facilities. We are excited for Andrews’s continued growth and impact within Storage Solutions!

Outside of work, Andrew loves to spend time outdoors. He enjoys playing basketball and spending time at his family’s lake house. He loves to fish, and in the winters, play hockey and ski.

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“There is a lot to be excited about and with Storage Solutions working with so many different clients, I am excited for new challenges from project to project. I have also had the chance to talk to some of the current employees about life at SSI, and each expresses how friendly everybody is and how the environment is one which makes you excited to come in every day. Along with this, I am excited about the opportunity to learn the industry and challenge myself in a real-world setting. With the industry moving more and more towards automation, I am excited to be a part of the Solutions Development team as I will be given many chances to work with Fetch and Smart Slotting. Beyond the technical skill I know I will gain; I hope to feel a part of something bigger than myself and work with a group of talented and motivated individuals.”

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Alois Warner
Alois Warner


Welcome, Alois Warner!

At Storage Solutions, we understand the importance an internship can have on a student’s career and future. It is our goal to provide quality training as well as a glimpse of what a career at Storage Solutions looks like. With this in mind, we are pleased to welcome our newest addition to the team!

Alois Warner joins us our of our Kansas City office as our Strategic Sales Intern. He is currently a student at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Alois will be graduating in the fall with a Bachelors’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has experience in manufacturing and development and is excited about his new role at Storage Solutions. We’re thrilled to have you, Alois!

Alois was born and raised in Elgin, Nebraska, but loves to travel. He had the opportunity to travel to a University in Germany and hopes to continue to travel in the future. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his dog, hunting, and playing sports. He also loves to spend time with his fiancé and is excited for his wedding at the end of this summer!

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“I am excited about applying my skills to a new industry and working with the team here at Storage Solutions. The culture here seems great and I am eager to grow in this environment.”

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Upright Column Protectors Term

When one thinks of warehouse safety, one typically thinks of the processes and products available that keep employees safe. However, there are solutions available to you – upright column protectors, for example – that are designed to protect your equipment and maintain returns on the investments you’ve made in your storage infrastructure.

Upright column protectors are the solution to industrial lift truck damage and accidents. They are an inexpensive way to safeguard your workplace and reduce expensive damage to your upright columns.

Here are some of the benefits of upright column protectors:

  • Surrounds upright bases
  • Rugged Column Protectors are prefabricated, eliminating all on-site welding or cutting
  • Resists forklift, hand truck, and heavy cart impact
  • Two different styles include: Bolt to Floor and Bolt to Upright

SOURCE: Wildeck

If you are interested in adding these or learning more about what warehouse safety products may assist in your operations, give us a call. We can talk through some of the challenges you are seeing and find solutions to keep your warehouse running optimally.

Dense Storage Solution

Warehouse managers are frequently challenged to find efficiencies in their processes, their workflows, and, most often, their storage capabilities. With dense storage solutions, warehouses managers get a solution for their problems in storage capacity by storing more product in less space.

However, finding the right storage solution may not always be as simple as asking, “Which mix of storage mediums gives me the best capacity?”.

There are several other factors to consider, including inventory style, pick process, product dimensions, and much more.

Whether warehouse managers are looking to assess and redesign their layout, or they are designing a new facility layout altogether, dense storage solutions are certainly a viable option for increasing capacity. While the three most popular options – drive-in, pushback, and pallet flow – are relatively simple to understand, which is the best for your operation? The answer may be easier to solve than you may think.

Pushback Racking

Pushback rack is a storage system that incorporates a sliding device to feed several pallets into the same pick location by “pushing back” the previous pallet. The pallets then gravity feed back to the pick location in the rack as they are removed. This type of dense storage lends itself well to a Last-In, First Out (LIFO) inventory style because, quite literally, the last pallet placed in the pushback rack is the first pallet available for picking. Typically, pushback racks are capable of storing up to six pallets at each pick location.

Drive-In and Drive-Thru Racking

Drive-in racking and drive-through racking are both similar in that they are designed for forklift operators to enter the racking system for picking purposes. However, the difference is that drive-thru racking allows the operator to pass through the rack. Drive-in/drive-thru racking is a popular storage medium because it is typically less expensive than other dense storage options. However, these styles of racking also typically accommodate less storage capacity due to ‘honeycombing’ or storage utilization challenges.

Pallet Flow

Another high-density storage system that works with storing multiple pallets in a rack is pallet flow. Pallets are loaded into the back of the rack and picked at the front. Sometimes referred to as gravity flow or dynamic flow, this system uses a slight decline plane to store pallets, allowing them to “gravity flow” toward the picking position as pallets are removed.

Which Dense Storage Solution is Best for You?

Ultimately, there are many factors to consider when determining the best mix of storage solutions for your operations. Our experts are here to guide you and walk you through the process to determine what is the optimal use of storage mediums for your facility. We have years of experience with hundreds of projects involving dense storage solutions and the expertise to match you with the equipment you need to meet today’s demands, while also factoring in growth potential.

Contact us today to get started at 800.474.2001 and let us talk about your current needs and how we can help you plan for integrating dense storage solutions.


Welcome, Andy Henry!

As a growing organization, we’re always looking for talented and motivated people to join our company. With that, we are pleased to welcome our newest addition, Andy Henry! Andy joined us last week as a Project Manager for our National Accounts team. He is a graduate of Purdue University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Since graduation, Andy’s work experienced has been centered around sales and engineering roles. Because of this, he has developed a core understanding of customer service and paying close attention to detail. We’re happy you’re a part of the team, Andy!

When he’s not at work, you can find him spending time with his two children, who mean the world to him. He is a coach for both of their youth soccer teams and is a Den Leader for his son’s Cub Scouts group. Along with this, Andy also loves working on cars, and building things with wood. He rarely goes to an auto mechanic, because he enjoys replacing any necessary parts himself

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“I am most excited to be part of such a dynamic business culture here at Storage Solutions. I’m excited to challenge the status quo and grow with a company that values new ideas. I want a place I can call home. I’m not looking for another job experience to add to my resume but a reason to never have to revise it.”

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Double-Deep Pallet Rack Term

Double-Deep Pallet Rack is a style of dense storage consisting of selective pallet racking that has been constructed back-to-back to allow for higher storage density. This style of racking requires fewer aisles, which allows for increased flexibility in warehouse design options and an increase in storage space.

Double-deep racks can be installed in a conventional warehouse or any rack-supported building. These racks provide more significant utilization of warehouse space because they store loads of materials and have a narrow aisle design.

There are some disadvantages to utilizing double-deep pallet racking as well. Because the design is placing two racks back-to-back, a double-deep rack only features a 50% selectivity area. This lack of accessibility can lead to reduced productivity and require the use of more expensive life equipment, depending on the configuration.

Typically, double-deep racking is ideal for a client that is storing pallets in a Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) inventory rotation. It is especially suitable if that product is in high volume with limited available storage space.

If you are interested in implementing Double-Deep Pallet Racking configurations or other Dense Storage Solutions in your warehouse, contact one of our Storage Solutions experts to talk about increasing your storage capacity.