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Tim Fonderoli
Tim Fonderoli

At Storage Solutions, we push for our employees to not only grow in their professional lives, but their personal lives just as much. For this reason, we are always ecstatic to report good news about a member of the Storage Solutions team. We applaud all of our employees for reaching personal milestones.

That being said, we would like to give our praises to one of our Sales Team Leaders, Tim Fonderoli, on the outstanding feat of losing 125 pounds over a year and a half! Storage Solutions encourages good health and wellness, so we are incredibly proud of him for being a great example for the rest of us at SSI!

Tim became a part of IU Health’s study program Virta Health, citing that his main motivation to lose the weight was so that he would be able to dance at his grandchildren’s wedding. Calling the program “life-changing”, Tim says that he is off of all medications and no longer diabetic.

During his 15 year tenure with Storage Solutions, we have seen him develop as an employee and as a person over those years. Similar to his role at SSI, Tim saw his goal, stayed motivated throughout his entire endeavor and exceeded expectations.

Of course all of us at Storage Solutions are extremely proud of Tim, and we can’t wait to see how else he amazes us in the future!

You can see Tim’s journey in a video by Virta Health here.

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We have so many great people working here at Storage Solutions, I wish I could introduce all of them to you in one post! But, since we have over 100 team members across the United States it would make for one really long post. So today I am going to introduce to you Tim Fonderoli. Tim is a member of our sales team and has been with us for 11 years!

Get to know Tim…

Tim FonderoliHometown: Arlington, IL

Education: I attended college while in the Navy.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I enjoy fishing, hunting, cooking, and hanging with family and friends!

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Bears

Fun Fact: My handicap in golf is Miller Lite!!

Like I have said before, we are always looking for new, talented individuals to add to our ever growing team! If YOU or anyone you know is interested in a rewarding career with Storage Solutions, check out our careers page!

Storage Solutions would like to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day!

I had the opportunity to chat with two of the dads in our office about some of the joys and hardships of being an awesome dad.  Here’s what they had to say…

Tim Fonderoli: “An awesome dad is someone who cares and puts all his efforts in to his family.  My family is everything.  It is important to lead by example and show your kids how much they mean to you.  Saying no and disciplining your kids is one of the hardest things about being a parent.  There are times when I couldn’t let them do something because I knew that it was the wrong choice.  Then they make the wrong choice and there’s punishment, but you provide them with love and faith to recover and grown.  As my family always says in Italian, “Fede, Speranza, Amore, Famiglia Sempre.” In English this means faith, hope, love, family forever!”

Vince Zito: “Honestly, if I was able to do half of what my wife does and has done for our children, then I would be an awesome dad.  I look at myself as being their life coach until they move on to their adult life, and I just hope that one day they will look back and say, “Dad was awesome.” The hardest part of being a father is spending that quality, one-on-one, non-interrupted time with your child, and the fear of my children ever being hurt.  Kids and parents these days are so consumed with school, work, and hobbies that they don’t spend that much needed time together.  For the past two years, my kids and I have participated in an All Pro Dad program through their school.  We get together with other dads and kids once a month for breakfast and just talk.  At the end, the dads stand up and tell everyone why they are proud of their kids. When it comes to my kids getting hurt, whether it be physically or emotionally, it is my responsibility to protect them at any cost.”

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th.  Take time to thank your father for all he has done!

vinoThey say great employees are like fine wine…

Okay, no one actually says that. At least, I don’t think they do.  But what I DO know is that with so many long-time Storage Solutions employees, there’s got to be something special going on around here.

Among our longest employees:

Craig McElheny, CEO
Kevin Rowles, President
Bill Beeker, CFO
Angie Rajski, VP Project Coordination
Rick Brodfuehrer, National Sales
Tim Fonderoli, National Sales
Mike Goode, VP Used Equipment
Chastity Wilke, VP National Accounts
Deana Purevich, Accounting
Rose Riggins, Front Desk & Accounting

I have been around some of these long-time employees for years and in the last year and a half, I have been able to interact with them as co-workers, and I have to say that Storage Solutions has one of the most closely-knit, fun groups of employees around. We decided to ask our tenured employees what has kept them here for so long, and what advice they can offer to young professionals who are new to the work force.

Tenure: 14 years

What is your job function?  How has that evolved over time?
I am the Project Coordinator for our National Sales team.  I have worn so many hats over the years here, but in the last 5 years we have really streamlined my position into a more defined role to match my specific talents and expertise.

What makes SSI a place you have wanted to stay for so long?
The owner of this company, Craig, is extremely generous.  I have the benefit of flexibility so I can juggle my family, top notch technology to make my job easier, and a very organized team to help me be successful in my position.  Even in our busiest times, my team still manages to have fun and enjoy what we do.

If you could tell young employees/professional one important tip to job satisfaction and success, what would it be?
Change is constant.  To be successful, you have to put 100% effort into your job and take pride in it every day.  It’s all about communicating and having respect for your co-workers, customers, and really, everyone in general, if you want to have a successful and satisfying career.

– – –

Tim FonderoliTim Fonderoli
Tenure: 10 years

What is your job function?  How has that evolved over time?
I am a National Accounts Manager and sell to customers all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  When I first started, I was teamed up with another sales rep.  We would go out and door knock locations locally to try and find anyone who needed racking or shelving. We even sold to people who wanted to put shelving in their garages. I did a lot of locker work selling to schools, fire departments, police departments… anyone or any place.  I have since broken off on my own and mainly focus on warehouses and large clients.  I look for opportunities through the internet, referrals and cold calling.

What makes SSI a place you have wanted to stay for so long?
I have only had 4 employers my entire life. A truck stop in Illinois in high school, Master Chief Petty Officer for U.S. Navy, and Director of Admissions at a local college for 4 years before coming to Storage Solutions.  A friend actually recommended me to Craig (McElheny) and Kevin (Rowles). I got the interview, saw the direction Storage Solutions was headed and with the unlimited growth opportunities, I jumped on it. I love my job. I love the people I work with. I love seeing an empty warehouse and when we are done, it’s full of products.   This is a very rewarding job and I can’t see myself doing anything else. I don’t think I want to retire. I can see myself working for Storage Solutions for another 25 plus years! This is my family!!!

If you could tell young employees/professional one important tip to job satisfaction and success, what would it be?
Find a company that solves problems and won’t stifle your growth. You work most of your life. You’ll spend three-fourths of your time every day working. So get with a company and people you can work with, who want to have fun and take care of customers, and you’ll feel like you’re not working. You’re just enjoying your life and all it has to offer.

– – –

Kevin RowlesKevin Rowles
17 years

What is your job function?  How has that evolved over time?
Current job title:  President.  Past job functions:  Sales manager, Vice President Pharm Lab Division, Executive Vice President.

What makes SSI a place you have wanted to stay for so long?
Challenge – Growth Opportunity – Good People – Great Company!

If you could tell young employees/professional one important tip to job satisfaction and success, what would it be?
Make yourself valuable to your employer. Be creative. Have passion for what you do.  The rest will take care of itself!

– – –

Deana PurevichDeana Purevich
23 years

What is your job function?  How has that evolved over time?
I am currently involved in the Accounting/IT side of Storage Solutions, though I have worn so many hats over the years I’m afraid I lost count.

What makes SSI a place you have wanted to stay for so long?
Storage Solutions will always be a family business in my heart (Dad, Dick McElheny started Storage Solutions, then Penco of Indiana, in 1978).  The many wonderful friendships I’ve created over the years make it an easy place to want to stay.