Fetch Robotics Autonomous Mobile Robots Product Line

No matter what your needs are, Fetch Robotics offers an AMR solution to help. From our cart connect options up to the large pallet robots, we offer something for every warehouse solution.


With carts remaining as one of the main tools for a variety of tasks in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, Fetch Robotics decided to develop the CartConnect solution. This solution will optimally support the plethora of cart workflows in any environment. CartConect robots can be controlled via different devices such as phones, tablets, or handheld scanners. In addition, they can run on a fixed schedule, eliminating the need for an electronic device. This product can also be paired with FetchCarts.

Key benefits of this solution include:

  • True collaborative autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solution
    that integrates into existing manual cart workflows.
  • Flexible FetchCart options support a wide range of workflows.
  • Maximum robot utilization by decoupling robots from carts.
  • Simple setup and control for associates through handheld devices or automation through fully configured schedules.
  • Recognized for safety (CE mark).


HMIShelf robots set the standard for commercial ready AMRs transporting material in busy warehouses and manufacturing facilities. These advanced robots have the ability to plan the most efficient travel path while operating around obstacles. To avoid moving obstacles such as forklifts, carts, or people, Fetch integrated additional safety enhancements. HMIShelf also makes offloading material transport tasks flexible and easy as Fetch integrated the robot with touch screens and adjustable shelving.

Key benefits of this solution include:

  • Quickest deployment solution.
  • Set up and use in hours, redeploy easily.
  • Ideal for small and medium payloads.
  • Configurable shelving for various bin, tote, and package sizes.
  • Reduce associate travel time, increase productivity in low dwell time and high volume environments.
  • Simple operation with built-in, easily configured touchscreen.


Lost or misplaced inventory can cost millions of dollars in expedites, re-orders, and write-offs, as well as wasted hours searching for inventory. Manual counts are time consuming and error-prone. Tagging assets with RFID immediately improves inventory tracking, increases accuracy, and saves time. With the TagSurveyor solution, warehouses and manufacturing facilities can increase the frequency of inventory counts from once a month to multiple times a day, even with the largest operations. Facilities across both the private and public sector use TagSurveyor to keep track of assets.

Key benefits of this solution include:

  • Automated, accurate, frequent, cost-efficient cycle counting
    and inventory tracking.
  • Powerful data visualization to locate misplaced inventory.
  • Reporting tools to help take action on discrepant inventory counts.


Fetch recognizes that conveyor systems are hard to adapt to today’s every-changing material transport requirements. Therefore, Fetch developed the RollerTop solution. This solution brings adaptability and increased levels of automation in these conveyor environments.

Key benefits of this solution include:

  • Automate loading and unloading of totes and bins from
    conveyors or ASRSs.
  • Flexibly extend existing conveyor workflows.
  • Automatically trigger induction or deduction via Fetch Robotics’ FetchCore software.
  • Integrate existing conveyor controls with FetchCore using optional IoT-style FetchLink smart interface.

Freight 500/1500 AMRs

The Freight500 and Freight1500 AMR bases greatly expand the possible AMR applications in industrial facilities. Freight500 handles cases and smaller pallets while the Frieght1500 handles up to US standard 40in x 48in pallets.

Freight500 and Freight1500 feature Fetch’s industry-leading dynamic obstacle avoidance technology as well as a certified hardware-based safety system, allowing these large AMRs to operate safely around associates and vehicles.

Key benefits of this solution include:

  • Improves pallet pick and putaway by dramatically reducing manned travel.
  • Reduces forklift dependency, traffic, and incidents.
  • Safe, smooth movement with zero blind-spot sensor coverage.
  • High duty cycles enabled by fast charge capability.

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