Optimize Your Fulfillment Center With Technology from inVia Robotics

Dramatically improve fulfillment speeds and order accuracy with automated warehouse solutions from inVia Robotics.

Begin Automating Your Warehouse by Optimizing Material Flow – From Pick to Consolidation to Fulfillment

When it comes to finding a starting point in integrating automation into a warehouse or fulfillment center, the best place to start is looking at the movement of your goods. From products coming in to be stored or moving out to be shipped, material flow can be optimized through several efficiency points.

inVia Robotics’ inVia Logic solution is a subscription-based software suite that will drive productivity and accuracy through easy-to-use tools. With this technological solution, inVia can configure a custom-developed fulfillment system explicitly designed for your facility, factoring in your existing infrastructure and unique processes. The software calculates the most efficient flow of materials through your warehouse, optimizing both your inventory movement and storage capabilities along the way.

Without a massive investment in infrastructure – and on a monthly, subscription-based plan – inVia Logic can help you:

  • Enhance Material Flow: The software will determine the optimal paths for your products to move quickly and accurately through the fulfillment process.
  • Simplify the Use of Data: inVia Connect maps directly to your WMS so that data can flow freely through the system without disruption.
  • Labor Direction and Management: Similar to a Vision Picking System, inVia PickMate provides simple, intuitive visuals to guide picking done by workers to quickly and accurately gather and sort orders.
  • Continual Process Improvement: The inVia Logic is an AI-driven software, which means it is continually learning, identifying, and implement changes in processes that continuously drive efficiency through your labor force.
  • Balance Your Workload Among Your Busiest and Best Workers: The software can also allocate tasks to those most effective at completing those tasks. This process means you can automatically balance hours and workloads in your operation at all times.
  • Business Intelligence: Real-time data is reflected through intuitive dashboards that showcase warehouse-level progress and order status down to the order-line level.
  • Gamify the Picking Process – The real-time data display can motivate workers to see whether or not they are making a rate, which is estimated to drive an additional 20-30% increase in productivity.
  • Optimize Storage Density: Their software analysis will recognize wasted space in your facility and dynamically identify optimal SKU locations based on your order patterns.

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inVia Pickmate

Implement Warehouse Automation without Changing Infrastructure

inVia Robotics offers the only autonomous mobile robot solution that can turn existing pallet rack, shelving, and pick modules into a goods-to-person picking solution.

With warehouse solutions from inVia, fulfillment centers and distribution centers can improve productivity up to 10x and can begin seeing a return on investment on day one of implementation.

The offerings from inVia Robotics are great retrofit solutions for companies that use shelving or pick modules, who want to introduce automation into their operations without paying for traditional, large-scale infrastructure investments like traditional automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). inVia offers the only solution that can create a goods-to-person picking environment out of an existing pick module while not requiring massive infrastructure changes.

About inVia PickMate

inVia Picker Robots

Integrate Robotic Automation at Your Scale with inVia Picker Robots

Automated labor solutions like inVia Picker robots can eliminate the costliest aspect of fulfillment: human travel time. By immediately removing this wasteful element in this process, warehouses that employ inVia’s solutions begin to see a return on their investment on day one.

inVia Picker robots, along with inVia Logic, can perform 300-600 deliveries per hour and perform tasks like picking, sortation, cart content verification, replenishment and put away, cycle counting, cubing, reporting, labor management, and comes complete with 24-hour, 7-days-a-week monitoring and support. These robots are small, safe, and easy-to-operate, fitting right into your warehouse and team, operating autonomously and tirelessly to fulfill orders with precision.

Additionally, these solutions can dramatically improve order accuracy by automating select fulfillment tasks prone to inefficiency and inaccuracy. The one-touch fulfillment approach eliminates all but one final human touch at packout, and every human touch is an opportunity for errors.

  • Increase order fulfillment throughput
  • Increased inventory and order accuracy
  • Elimination of expensive warehouse walking
  • Automation of all fulfillment tasks (picking, replenishment/putaway, returns, and cycle counting)
  • Scalable to accommodate order volume growth
  • Simple WMS integration
  • Industrial strength suction cups ensure the safety of goods during handling
  • Built-in lighting to accommodate 24/7 and dark warehouse operation
  • Self-charging feature available

About inVia Picker Robots

inVia Picker Wall

Dynamically Operate Your Fulfillment Process with Uninterrupted Ease 

Once you have a small fleet of inVia Picker robots in your facility, you will immediately begin to see a return on investment through increased throughput, labor savings, and increased storage capacity. Then, it may be time to integrate the inVia Picker Wall.

The inVia Picker Wall is a dynamic wall that inVia Picker robots rebuild every day with each new day’s set of ordered goods. When workers start their shift, they need to pull the requested quantity of each SKU from the inVia Picker Wall and sort it into orders. Then, they can be packed and shipped out to your customers.

This system allows for maximum efficiency in your warehouse picking operation – as well as your inventory replenishment operations. Time-consuming dependencies between people and robots are eliminated, allowing robots to work non-stop across every shift to move orders goods to a picking-or-packing area.

What to expect with an inVia Picker Wall:

  • Uninterrupted Workflows: inVia Picker robots are decoupled from shift work and can continue retrieving and storing totes without disruption.
  • Eliminate Warehouse Walking: Workers are only required to sort and pack orders at their designated location– no more walking/traveling.
  • Increase Picking Rates and Sortation rates: When integrated with inVia PickMate, this solution can deliver speeds of up to 300 lines per hour.
  • Dynamic Slotting: Inventory is placed at the optimal place based on real-time order data.
  • Full-Scale Automation Across SKUs: Movement of all goods is optimized in a facility – both “short tail” and “long tail.”
  • Supports Dark Warehouses: Keep your operations moving after all the people have left, and the lights are off.
  • Facilitates Rotation of Worker Assignments: Allow workers to service higher-level tasks than walking, allowing them to rotate to different assignments.
  • Workflow Adaptability: inVia Picker Wall can be re-programmed overnight to accommodate shifts in order patterns and schedules.

About inVia Picker Wall

inVia Robotics Action

Robotics-as-a-Service & Software-as-a-Service Subscription Model

For those who are interested in integrating automation into their operations but are unsure where to turn, the inVia RaaS model is an ideal place to start. By offering a subscription-based service, inVia removes the most significant barrier to entry – a massive infrastructure investment. Instead of requiring prohibitive capital expenditure, you can integrate inVia’s AMRs, powerful software, and dedicated engineering expertise all into an accounting-friendly monthly cost.

The RaaS model also enables customers to automate in incremental steps and stay current with technology advances. By bringing automation to small and medium-sized businesses, inVia delivers technology that meets today’s needs while offering scalability for tomorrow. Plus, you can scale up when seasonal demands increase your needs for throughput, then scale down when you are not operating at peak volume.

And, because inVia owns, operates, and maintains these robots, you are released from the burdens of ownership and maintenance of these devices.

About inVia’s Robotics-as-a-Service Program

More than Robotics, More than Software, inVia is a Fully Integrated Warehouse Fulfillment Solution.

When fully integrated, inVia’s system is AI-driven software + robotics system built to work in concert to maximize your fulfillment process with a minimal cost. By delivering intelligent resource utilization, inVia can drive an AS/RS-level throughput with the flexibility of an AMR.

This “walk, run, sprint” set of solutions only starts with the software but is made easy to upgrade to a fully automated robotic fleet once your operations are ready. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today to start a conversation!

Why Automate with inVia Robotics, in Partnership with Storage Solutions?

With the Amazon Effect in full force, end-users continue to expect their orders to be delivered directly to them with an ever-decreasing amount of time. Combined with rising labor and operational costs, safety concerns, and SKU proliferation, dynamic fulfillment centers understand the need to develop solutions to sustain – and increase – profitability.

Enter inVia Robotics. We recommend inVia to companies looking to enter the world of warehouse robotics but do not know where to start. These solutions are scalable, flexible, and – most importantly – do not require the massive investment in a traditional automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).

That means inVia is the only provider available that can turn your current rack configuration or pick module into a true goods-to-person picking operation without the need for human intervention within the process.

inVia’s modular offerings mitigate the cost of change. These are solutions you can use today that scale up as you grow tomorrow.

  • Simple

    Today, warehouses face challenges, including inefficient use of space, unreliable and costly labor, unsafe conditions, and slow cycle times. inVia Robotics’ solutions offer a new way to warehouse by increasing productivity, optimizing your labor force, and eliminating the need for training or infrastructure.

  • Smart

    With inVia, we can build a simulation of your optimized warehouse by analyzing the data, mapping out the most efficient paths and workflows for your products best through your facility. Once the place is set, and resources are maximized, we can direct your workforce to perform all workflow tasks.

  • Strategic

    By offering more than just picking, inVia can offer workflows that can automate any movement of goods into, through, and out of warehouses. That includes picking, sortation, cycle counting, lot control, pack-out, cubing, put-backs/returns, replenishments, and putaways.

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