New Hire Spotlight: Paul-Mikael Howell


Welcome to Storage Solutions, Paul-Mikael Howell!

We are pleased to welcome Paul-Mikael Howell to Storage Solutions! Paul-Mikael joins the AutoCAD team as an AutoCAD Associate Designer. He is based out of our Westfield office. Paul-Mikael attended Ivy Tech Community College for 2 Associate Degrees. He attended IUPUI for a Bachelor’s in Construction Engineering Management Technology and an MBA from Western Governors University. His previous employment was for Custom Concrete designing foundation systems for single and multi-unit residential. Paul-Mikael lives in town with his wife, stepdaughter, and five large breed dogs. One is a Great Dane, two English Mastiffs, and two Danniffs. He also shares split custody of his two children as well. Paul-Mikael loves to design houses, build projects around the house, swim, play darts, and sing Karaoke.

Paul-Mikael hopes to gain the opportunity to challenge himself to improve and gain a leadership position. So far, working at Storage Solutions, he has not found anything too challenging, but he is actively trying to find and take on anything he can! One thing that would surprise you about Paul-Mikael is that he is an avid karaoke singer that will attend at least once, if not twice a week, and has mastered many songs. His top three highlights include the birth of his two children, marrying his love, and successfully delivering 16 puppies from his Mastiff and Great Dane when they had their litter.

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“This position allows me to grow and excel with great potential, to take on new responsibilities and advance through the ranks.”

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