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Cant Leg Uprights

This exclusive patented Speedrack design recesses columns away from traffic and is tough enough to take on lift trucks. Cant Leg Uprights allow for a wider travel aisle, preventing lift truck damage.

Super Cant-Leg is sealed tubular in structure.  Engineered in heavy gauge, three inch thick, high-yield steel; it is 100% stronger than standard uprights. Cant-Leg Uprights provide maximum safety and rack maintenance costs are cut to a minimum. Total storage capacity is retained and it even makes order picking easier.

CantLeg UprightsBenefits and Features:

  • 100% stronger than normal uprights
  • Greater resistance to truck damage
  • Allows more aisle clearance for lift truck maneuvering
  • Cleaner sealed tube design

Speedrack has been a trusted partner of Storage Solutions for over 10 years.  We have exclusive relationships with leading equipment manufacturers, so we can assemble the best solutions for your site. Contact our online sales team at 866.474.2001, and one of our knowledgeable team members will be able to help you get what you need!

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Modular Roll Back SystemTerm of the Week: Modular Roll Back System

Similar to a push back system, the roll back system allows you to store multiple pallet racks in a given area.  The only difference being the roll back can hold up to ten pallets deep in each rack while the push back can store only 5-6 pallets deep.  This is nearly double the capacity of a push back system allowing you to drastically reduce the number of aisles and increase the amount of product that can be stored in a facility.

The system is gravity operated for simple operation and uses minimal vertical space.  The roll back system can hold up to 3000 lbs. per pallet and also allows for the storage of varying pallet weights, sizes and types in the same lane.

Some features of modular roll back:

  • Unique design allows for simple addition of extra lanes
  • Easily stores up to 10 pallets deep
  • Withstands up to 3000 lbs. capacity / pallet
  • Allows for multiple styles of pallets in same lanes

For more information on modular roll back systems, contact our online sales team at 866.474.2001!

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This Week’s Term of the Week:

Teardrop Pallet Rack

Teardrop Pallet RackTeardrop pallet rack is constructed of cold rolled steel commonly referred to as roll formed. This racking structure involves an upright with open holes on its’ face that are the shape of a teardrop along with beams that have connectors with rivets that slide and lock into place on the uprights. This type of design allows for the simple connection of beams and uprights.  Most types of teardrop rack utilize a spring activated safety lock to prevent the beam from dislodging from the upright during loading and/or unloading.

Almost every manufacturer of roll formed pallet racking has a teardrop design. The designs across the various manufacturers have slight differences and variations, but for the most part are interchangeable and compatible. Therefore, when a customer has existing teardrop racking in their facility they are not often restricted to only one manufacturers design of pallet racking when the need arises to add additional racking to their facility. The teardrop design of racking is the most interchangeable equipment across manufacturers in the industry which is why it is used by most customers in the marketplace.

Teardrop racking can be used in a variety of storage facilities such as garages, offices, storage rooms, warehouses, etc. It can also be manufactured to any size that fits the need of the customers products, and is available in a wide spectrum of colors.

Features of the teardrop rack:

  • Most common design in the marketplace
  • Compatible with most existing teardrop racking
  • Spring activated safety lock on most designs
  • Economical compared to the heavier design of structural racking
  • Wide variety of colors, sizes, and custom accessories to fit any function

IMG_1205-resized-600Want more information on Teardrop Pallet Rack? Contact our online sales team at 866.474.2001, and one of our knowledgable sales representatives will be able to help you get what you need! We also sell new and used pallet rack beams and used pallet rack uprights. Check out our inventory!

Storage Solutions was awarded the 2011 Top Gun Dealer Award from our partners at Speedrack. Their partnership has enabled us to provide our customers with quality products and competitive pricing for numerous years.

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We know we’re only 23 days away from 2012, but we are still excited to announce that Storage Solutions just received Speedrack Products Group’s 2010 National Distributor of the Year. Our partnership with Speedrack has allowed Storage Solutions to provide customers with great racking solutions in 2010 AND 2011. Here’s to a successful 2012!

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