Storage Solutions Term of the Week: Modular Roll Back System

Modular Roll Back SystemTerm of the Week: Modular Roll Back System

Similar to a push back system, the roll back system allows you to store multiple pallet racks in a given area.  The only difference being the roll back can hold up to ten pallets deep in each rack while the push back can store only 5-6 pallets deep.  This is nearly double the capacity of a push back system allowing you to drastically reduce the number of aisles and increase the amount of product that can be stored in a facility.

The system is gravity operated for simple operation and uses minimal vertical space.  The roll back system can hold up to 3000 lbs. per pallet and also allows for the storage of varying pallet weights, sizes and types in the same lane.

Some features of modular roll back:

  • Unique design allows for simple addition of extra lanes
  • Easily stores up to 10 pallets deep
  • Withstands up to 3000 lbs. capacity / pallet
  • Allows for multiple styles of pallets in same lanes

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Source: Speedrack