New Employee Spotlight: David Hauck

David Hauck

Welcome, David Hauck!

As Storage Solutions continues to grow and hire talented new employees, we want to make sure that they are properly introduced to our customers, readers, friends, and partners. Why keep all this excitement to ourselves when David could soon be working with you!

David has six years of experience working for an international telecommunications corporation. He worked in the operations, supply chain, and logistics departments. He was the main point-of-contact for the company’s tier one customer accounts where he handled everything from order entry to material handling and delivery of their products to customer distribution centers. Before starting his career, David attended Wabash College for his undergrad where he thoroughly enjoyed his time in a small college setting.

David enjoys staying in shape and living an active lifestyle by playing golf, basketball and going to the gym. On the weekends you’ll find him either at a sporting event or enjoying a cold beverage and listening to live music with friends and family. He’s also an adventurer. David typically plans a trip to a lake house or ventures out of the country and will go to a place as close to the equator as possible!

What would you like to gain from working at Storage Solutions?

I believe Storage Solutions can offer me the opportunity to manage company projects and allocate company resources on a large scale to build lasting relationships with our customers and vendors. I am also hoping that bringing an outside perspective from a different industry will help SSI continue to build and improve its internal processes and procedures to help streamline business practices.