Benefits of Integrators with In-House Controls


Embarking on a warehouse conveyor project often means your integrator is entrusting engineering and controls work to subcontractors, which can often come with a set of challenges. Below, we uncover common hurdles – from communication gaps to differing work methods – that can impact project success. Finally, we cover how Storage Solutions’ in-house engineering and controls team avoids these challenges to ensure a seamless project from start to finish.

Communication Issues

Despite clear initial agreements, the intricate nature of project requirements can sometimes lead to misunderstandings between the customer, integrator, and subcontractors. This misalignment can stem from differing interpretations, inadequate documentation, or evolving project needs. As the project progresses, these disparities can amplify, resulting in a significant gap between what was initially envisioned and what the subcontractor ultimately delivers. This miscommunication not only hampers project efficiency but also jeopardizes the achievement of desired outcomes, underscoring the critical need for meticulous communication and ongoing collaboration.

Adapting to Needs in Real-Time

As projects evolve, the need for quick and precise adaptations often arises. However, the involvement of subcontractors can complicate this process, leading to delays in decision-making and execution. The coordination required to align subcontractor actions with project alterations can result in a slower response time, impacting the overall project timeline and potentially diminishing the ability to address emerging issues swiftly.

Post-Installation Support

In many instances, subcontractors might not be contractually obligated or well-equipped to provide complete post-installation assistance. This can result in unresolved issues, prolonged downtime, and frustrated stakeholders who anticipate ongoing support. The mismatch between these expectations and the subcontractor’s capabilities underscores the necessity of clarifying post-installation responsibilities and ensuring a holistic approach to project execution that extends beyond the initial implementation phase.

At Storage Solutions, we address these challenges through our in-house engineering and controls team, with decades of experience providing exceptional customer service. Using our proven processes, we achieve consistent communication with our internal teams and customers. We understand the frustrations that come along with a lack of support and provide a higher standard of post-installation services to avoid the challenges altogether. Moreover, we possess the capability to engage the appropriate personnel to optimize your operational efficiency from the initial design, displaying the flexibility to accommodate modifications as deemed necessary throughout the project’s life.

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