What is a High Pile Storage Permit?

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High Pile Storage Permits

If you’re involved in warehousing or industrial operations, you may have encountered the term high piled storage permit. When storing goods at 12 feet or higher, special codes and permits are often involved to ensure safety and compliance with your local regulations.

What is a High Pile Storage Permit?

A high piled storage permit is an official authorization typically granted by local fire departments or building authorities to allow businesses to store materials, goods, or products (often combustible or hazardous) in high piled configurations within a warehouse or storage facility. These storage arrangements often involve stacking items to 12 feet or higher, and as a result, they come with specific safety requirements and regulations.

Why are High Pile Storage Permits Important?

Obtaining a high piled storage permit when necessary is important for several reasons. It ensures the safety of employees, visitors, and property by mitigating fire risks and improving emergency response capabilities by examining things such as, but not limited to, fire sprinkler system specifications, pallet type, and flammability of product stored. Compliance with storage regulations also helps prevent accidents, property damage, and potential legal liabilities.

How do I get a High Pile Storage Permit?

The process typically begins with contacting your local fire department or building authority to obtain a high piled storage permit. They will provide you with the necessary application forms and guidelines for compliance. The exact requirements may vary depending on your location and the type of materials you plan to store. It often involves submitting detailed plans, conducting inspections, and demonstrating that your storage configuration meets safety standards. It’s essential to work closely with these authorities and follow their instructions to ensure a smooth permit application process to avoid submitting multiple plan revisions, which could lead to delays in your project.

Navigating the process of determining if your warehouse complies with local code, fixing any existing compliance issues, and submitting a permit application can be intimidating and time-consuming. Our team of experts is well-versed in the intricacies of warehouse permits and is ready to help!

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