How Storage Solutions is a Unique Solutions Provider with Eric McDonald and David Darst

Finding a solutions provider with the right tools and resources to complete a conveyor project can be challenging. At Storage Solutions, we utilize decades of experience from our in-house experts to ensure that we provide our clients with the best customer service and project outcome possible. We heard from Eric McDonald, VP of Automation Engineering and Integration, and David Darst, VP of Conveyor and Automation, to learn what makes Storage Solutions a unique solutions provider.


Question: What sets the Storage Solutions team apart from others regarding conveyor system design and installation?

Eric McDonald: “One of the standout features of our team is that we handle almost every aspect of the project with our direct employees. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality control throughout the entire project timeline. From the initial design phase to the final installation and post-go-live support, our dedicated team ensures seamless coordination and execution.”


Question: What are the benefits of having in-house control and customization through our Warehouse Control System (WCS)?

David Darst: “Our in-house WCS provides a remarkable advantage to our clients. It gives us more control and flexibility over the customization of each integration project. This means we can tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, resulting in systems that are not only highly efficient but also perfectly aligned with their operations. This level of customization translates into enhanced customer satisfaction. Our clients know that their unique requirements will be met, and our WCS allows us to respond promptly to any changes or adjustments needed during the project lifecycle.”


Question: Your team of highly experienced controls engineers is another strength of Storage Solutions. How does their expertise contribute to the success of conveyor installation projects?

David Darst: “Our controls engineers bring a wealth of knowledge and operational experience to the table. They are adept at designing intricate control systems that ensure the smooth operation of conveyor systems. Their expertise allows us to address potential challenges proactively and develop solutions that optimize efficiency and reliability. These engineers are not just involved in the later stages; they are integrated from the beginning of the design process. This early involvement ensures that controls are seamlessly integrated into the overall solution, minimizing potential complications, and reducing project timelines.”


Question: It’s clear that involving engineers from the start is crucial to a successful project. How does this benefit our clients?

Eric McDonald: “By involving engineers from the outset, we can identify potential design issues early on and address them before they become significant roadblocks. This proactive approach translates into smoother project timelines, fewer surprises, and, ultimately, more satisfied clients. Our clients appreciate the transparency and open communication that comes with involving engineers at the design stage. It builds trust and confidence in our process, knowing that their needs are being considered at every step of the way.”


Question: Lastly, you mentioned post-go-live support. How does our team’s consistent coding practices contribute to better support?

Eric McDonald: “Our team’s consistent coding practices are pivotal in ensuring post-go-live success. Since all aspects of the project, including controls and mechanical, are handled by our team, the coding is more streamlined and cohesive than with outsourced providers. This results in fewer compatibility issues and easier troubleshooting in the event of any post-implementation challenges. Our clients benefit from a higher level of support because the same team that was involved throughout the project’s lifecycle is readily available for assistance. There’s no disconnect between the initial development and ongoing support phases, significantly contributing to a smoother transition and a faster resolution of any issues that may arise.”


With a holistic approach that combines controls, mechanical expertise, and a commitment to customization, Storage Solutions delivers seamless and tailored solutions for every client’s unique needs.

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