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At Storage Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering customers a solution for every square foot of their operation. We group our solutions into four main categories. These include simple, dense, picking and specialty solutions.

Simple Solutions

If you’re looking for a basic storage solution to get your facility organized, then our simple solutions might be just what you need. Our simple offerings include pallet rack, shelving, mezzanines and more. Within those categories, we offer a variety of styles, colors and capacities designed to work with whatever your needs may be.

Dense Solutions

Our dense solutions are perfect for anyone trying to decrease their facility footprint. Dense solutions include pushback, pallet flow, drive in/drive thru, and semi-automated deep lane storage. These solutions allow you to maximize your facility storage by using the space you have to the fullest.

Picking Solutions

If your main goal within your operation is to increase efficiency and decrease labor costs, then a picking solution may be the best option for you. These solutions include pick modules, carton flow, and light-duty cantilever. Any of these options will provide the boost you need in your day-to-day operations.

Specialty Solutions

Finally, we have our specialty solution offering. If you have a need that seems somewhat out of the ordinary, then one of our specialty solutions can probably help! These include tube rack, dual load, drive-in and cantilever. These solutions are perfect for high seismic areas, for storing oddly shaped items and more!

Regardless of what your needs are, we have a team of experts in place to analyze your operation and help. We love working with our customers to make sure all of their needs are being met. Learn more about our storage solutions here or contact us today to help you select the best possible solution for your facility.

Tight Deadlines in Flint Michigan

Have hard deadlines? Need to continue operations during install? No problem! Storage Solutions is here to accommodate all of your warehouse needs and make sure your project goes off without a hitch. Let us be the ones to take on your project!

Our latest warehouse project took us up north to Pure Michigan. With tight deadlines and the need to stay open during installation, we had our work cut out for us.

Products Installed:

  • Pallet Racking with Skatewheel
  • Carton Flow
  • Wire Mesh Backstops
  • Wire Decking

Project Details

The customer had a firm deadline for the project’s completion. Storage Solutions had to install runs of racking in one area, then move to another area to install. This was so the customer associates could load the racking and train on picking while we completed the install. This was an active facility throughout the entire project.

SSI install leaders and project managers worked directly with the customer to ensure a fluid transition.  This allowed us to keep install moving along efficiently while the customer could also stay up with daily operations. In the end, we were able to complete the project 4 days ahead of schedule!

Click here for a time-lapse video of the project!

Convenience Store Giant

At Storage Solutions, we are all about selling solutions. When our customer needed racking for their convenience store warehouse in a high seismic zone, but didn’t have the room for the extra large base-plates, our team was able to solve the problem with tube rack!

Their Problem / Our solution:

The customer needed new racking in a new warehouse to serve a convenience store giant.  The warehouse is located in a high seismic zone, and standard racking would require very large base-plates.

Our team utilized tube racking, and the base-plate size was greatly reduced allowing more product space on the floor.

Products installed

  • Tube Rack
  • Wire Decking
  • Pallet Supports
  • Gravity Conveyor
  • Carton Flow
  • Trucker Cage
  • Guarding Products

Check out our Case Study page for a time-lapse video of the installation and to learn more about the project!

shelving down the aisle of a warehouse

At Storage Solutions, we make sure that we put 110% into every job that we do, and we are always ecstatic to hear that our customers agree.  By purchasing used equipment from our inventory, we were able to save this customer over $100,000!  We kept it local for this project; working on a warehouse just outside downtown Indianapolis, and we received great feedback from our customer!

To help keep our customer operational in their main warehouse, we put a project plan together to provide seed rack in the new 85,000 square foot building out of SSI used stock, and we then broke the rest of the project into 4 stages, each beginning with dismantling a portion of their current building and installing at the new location. We added rack protection everywhere we could and replaced all of the customer’s uprights that were damaged or too short, hence maximizing the taller ceiling heights in the new building.


1. Everything we sold them came out of our used inventory

2. We were able to make a lot of last minute changes that saved them money

3. We are providing a credit to them for any material they didn’t want to use at the new building (primarily damaged uprights and some misc. beams).

4. We handled all of the design aspects of their layout to maximize the space

5. The customer took advantage of the opportunity to sell their previous materials back to us, which resulted in even more overall savings.

We tore down some old material for our customer, over 3,500 pallet positions and 450 carton flow pick facings.  We then installed their new equipment, over 5,000 pallet positions and nearly 1,000 carton flow pick facings.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for us, so we made sure that we were with them every step of the way.  Our customer had this to say, “Even with a few bumps to overcome during the project, Storage Solutions always kept our needs first and made changes to make sure we were pleased.”

View the full case study here and call us today and let us be the ones to take care of your warehouse project!

healthcare supply distributor

Quick turnaround and exceptional project management set Storage Solutions apart from our competitors with this Indiana healthcare supply distributor!

Products Installed:

  • 1,500 Sections of pallet rack
  • 65 sections of carton flow
  • 125 sections of shelving
  • Battery charger stations
  • Safety equipment including guardrail, dome mirrors, bollards & safety netting

Their Problem / Our Solution: 

The customer wanted new pallet rack very quickly.  Our strategic purchasing schedule and partnership with vendors allowed Storage Solutions to meet their deadlines and avoid lengthy lead times.

Our customer had these nice things to say:

“Storage Solutions made it easy.  Throughout the design process and with your crew leader onsite, we didn’t have to worry about anything.”

Storage Solutions offers design services, project management and installation services so you don’t have to worry about a thing. If you’re trying to outfit hundreds of thousands of square feet anew, or just trying to fine-tune your pick process for maximum speed, we deliver more than the materials you need, we deliver the right result.

Learn more about this project and watch the time lapsed video here! Storage Solutions offers a variety of products and services to help plan your next project, from beginning to end. Contact us today to get started!

For Part 1 of this blog, we covered the different components of pallet rack and how to determine which type you need for your operation. Part 2 is going to cover the different types of pallet rack systems!

pallet rack

Types of Pallet Rack:


  • Most common pallet rack used
  • Efficient when you have a low quantity of SKUs
  • Easy accessibility
  • Least dense

Double Deep

  • Fewer forklift aisles
  • Less selectivity
  • More storage density than selective rack

Drive In

  • Load and retrieve from the same side, creating LIFO inventory retrieval
  • Efficient when you have large quantities of different SKUs
  • Low selectivity
  • Cost effective
  • High density
  • Requires fewer forklift aisles

Push Back

  • Similar to drive in
  • Allows you to store pallets 2-5 deep and still have easy access to different SKUs
  • This system uses steel carts on inclined rails, and uses gravity flow to move product towards the pick aisles
  • Cost effective
  • High density
  • LIFO

Drive Thru

  • Pallet racking system that loads from one side and unloads from the other to create FIFO inventory retrieval.
  • Forklifts can enter from both aisles on either side of the rack
  • Low selectivity
  • High density
  • Excellent option for freezers

Pallet Flow

  • Similar to drive thru
  • This system uses wheels or rollers on sloped beam levels, and uses gravity flow to move product towards the pick aisle
  • It is perfect for fast-moving product with FIFO inventory retrieval
  • High-density

Carton Flow

  • Uses a gravity feed rear load design
  • Merchandise is loaded in the rear of each runway, and as an item is removed from the front, the item behind it slides forward on inclined rails in place of the previous item
  • FIFO


  • Elongated storage, furniture rack, tube rack, lumber rack
  • Single sided or double sided
  • Various heights and widths between uprights and lengths of the arms
  • High selectivity
  • Can use decking to span arms to create a solid level

If you have additional question or would like more information on any racking system, give us a call at 866.474.2001 or contact your sales representative!

Storage Solutions has a large quantity of used Carton Flow available! Call us at 866.474.2001 for purchasing details and additional information.

NOTE: All items are subject to prior sale.

carton flow

Kingway Carton Flow Uprights – 42″D x 162″H | QTY: 540

Kingway Carton Flow Beds – 60″W x 96″D | QTY: 136

Kingway Carton Flow Beds – 96″W x 48″D | QTY: 388

Kingway Carton Flow Beds – 96″W x 105″D | QTY: 441

Interlake Carton Flow Beds – 124″W x 96″D | QTY: 1500

carton flow rackCarton Flow Rack is a form of pallet rack that uses a gravity feed rear load design. One unit is made up of one or more inclined runways.  The cartons are loaded on one side of the system and picked out of the other end. When one item is removed, the item behind it moves forward in its place. The product is rotated on a first in first out basis (FIFO). This system is designed for high volume order picking and reduced operator activity.


  • Lower labor costs
  • Less product damage
  • Better inventory control because items are better organized and easier to locate
  • Similar to pallet flow just on a smaller scale

For more information on carton flow rack systems, contact our online sales team at 866.474.2001!

Source: Unex

The next batch of Viperbid Indiana items have been uploaded to the auction website. We’ve been sorting, moving and photographing the equipment we’ve got coming your way and they are officially up on the website for browsing and pre-bidding.

tool benchpallet rackcarton flow

Dates to remember:

On-Site Preview  |  Fri., May 4  |  9 am – 4:30 pm

Auction Day  |  Mon., May 7  |  8 am – 6 pm

Pick-Up Days  |  Tues., May 8 – Thurs., May 10  |  8 am – 4 pm

Featured Items:

  • Pallet Rack Packages
  • Lockers
  • Office Furniture
  • Gravity Conveyor
  • Carton Flow Tracks & Shelves

For questions and additional information, contact Jill at or call 317.399.2119.  To receive auction updates and information, subscribe to our email list.

The final week of our Steal of the Week series has arrived just in time for the holiday.  So instead of choosing just one item to offer for big savings, we’re making it a blowout.  Now through December 30, you can SAVE BIG on these material handling items.  Just contact us at 866.474.2001 or

102″L x 15″W Spantrack

Fit with 108″D rack bay
Rollers on 3″ centers
Price:  $47.50 per track
Qty:  60
Includes 2 hangers for roll formed beams (1-5/8″ step)


48″D x 168″H on 36″ centers
Arms 18″L with a front stop
15″ of usable arm space
Price:  $150 per bay
Qty:  45 bays (depending on configuration)

BISHAMON EZ-30 Positioner Pallet

Maximum Capacity  | 3000 Pounds
Minimum Capacity  | 450 Pounds
Raised Height  | 30 Inches
Lowered Height  | 8.75 Inches
EZ Loader
Sale price:  $1,500

positioner pallet

96″W x 60″D x 96″H with 4 shelves per bay
Each bay has 12 rollers & 5 dividers (6 lanes)
Qty: 30 bays
Price:  $425.00 per bay

Carton Flow


Collapsible Flex Skate Conveyor
Minimal rust on some wheels
Qty: 3
Price:  $525 each

Gravity Conveyor


3″ Column
Qty:  405
Price:  $50 each

structural uprights

Available in 12, 18 & 24 drawer units.
Qty: 100
Price:  $50 each

metal drawer bins

Canvas Trash Hoppers

Price: $100 each
Qty: 45

canvas hopper

For more information, contact online sales or call 866.474.2001.