Storage Solutions Term Of The Week: Mezzanine

This week’s Term Of The Week:


Mezzanine PictureA mezzanine is a structure that stands alone and is constructed within an existing building. This structure is designed to maximize space under and above it which creates additional space for storage or offices. These are extremely durable structures; they are designed to sustain heavy loads. It is usually engineered for specific needs. These are great for creating other levels using your existing space; if you need more space allow mezzanines to build up instead of out.

Mezzanines are used all over the place. Have you ever parked in a parking garage? In some parking garages you will find mezzanines. Installation is quick and easy, so if you are looking for more space optimization out of your warehouse, consider mezzanines.

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Source: WikiMHEDA-Mezzanine