GUEST POST: Ensuring Your Site & Operation Is Safe

We are excited to introduce our first guest blogger, Kelly Kamlager, with Wildeck!  We are always looking to bring fresh and informative content to our blog, so our eyes and ears are always open for new writers and posts!  Without further delay…

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Storage Solutions has asked that Wildeck prepare a guest post for their blog regarding warehouse safety.

Where to start with warehouse safety? That is a big topic. So I started where I always do, with a quick Google search for “warehouse safety.” Quality information popped up from OSHA, HSE, several .gov sites, and many major industry publications. Really, there is endless documented information valuating the importance of site safety.

Pallet Rack ProtectorsSo with the amount of information available, solutions from suppliers like Storage Solutions, and quality products from manufacturers such as Wildeck, why is the fatal injury rate for the warehousing industry higher than the national average for all industries?

If you are an existing or future customer of Storage Solutions, many of the most common OSHA citation areas are in your facility. Are you doing all you can to keep your operations productive, safe, and citation free?

Make sure that your facility is a safe environment. Protect your people, your product, your equipment and your bottom line. Wildeck has prepared a Facility Site Survey for Storage Solutions to conduct a walkthrough of your facility.  Storage Solutions professionals are able to talk you about your concerns and assess the safety protection for personnel, equipment, and facility infrastructure. It could be beneficial to have an extra set of eyes examine your facility for safety concerns before OSHA brings in their extra set of eyes!

Contact Storage Solutions to talk with a material handling professional and have a conversation about your facility and what efforts will have a positive impact at your facility.

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