Storage Solutions Project Spotlight: Mississippi

I know it has been awhile, but we are back with a new “Project Spotlight” series and we’ve got quite the list of projects to showcase in the next few weeks!  I am going to start by taking you down to Mississippi, where we are dismantling nearly 2,700 pallet rack bays and over 2,000 bin sections that make up a 15,000 sq ft two-story bin mezzanine. This also includes three sets of stairs and one vertical reciprocating lift.

Objective: The customer is closing their current distribution center and opening multiple distribution centers nationwide. Our team is tearing down and buying back the used equipment in the current facility.

Storage Solutions

Make sure to come back next week to see how this project is progressing.  To take a look at past Project Spolights, click here.

One of our niches at Storage Solutions is assisting our customers with any type of warehouse transition. We know that trying to move and sell your old equipment can be quite the headache. Let us help you with the process buy buying back your used equipment, and remove the hassle of finding a buyer and having to ship your equipment! For more information, call us today at 866.474.2001.