Terms You Should Know: Rivet Shelving

Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving is a simple storage solution and an ideal shelving option for situations in which bulk shelving is required to store cases and boxes. It is typically found in case picking.

Because of its design, rivet shelving can be considered a “clean” shelving option. Rivet shelving functions like teardrop beams and uprights, meaning that the upright has open holes on its’ face that are “teardrop” shaped, and the shelf has connectors with rivets that slide and lock into place on the uprights. This dynamic removes the need for accessories and hardware like clips, fasteners, nuts, and bolts. A rubber mallet – used to secure the shelf in place – is the only tool needed to assemble rivet shelving.

Traditionally, rivet shelving commonly held particle board as support for the items and cases picked. Over the years, however, we have found that safety inspectors and fire marshals prefer warehouses instead choose wire decking to increase safety in your operation.

Also, because of the design, rivet shelving offers a benefit of flexibility within each shelving unit. You can easily change the heights of each row to allow for the optimal storage capacity for your products. Double rivet shelving is also available if additional load capacity is required.

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