Storage Solutions is Going Green!

go_greenIn recent years, many companies have been jumping on the “go green” bandwagon.  While it is promising that so many companies have shown an increase in awareness and resolve to opreate in a more environmentally friendly manner, sometimes it is just not financially feasible to do so.  Luckily, there are some business decisions that will keep both the environment, and your company’s bean counter happy.

Using rail cars to ship equipment can save money, and is often times a more environmentally friendly alternative to shipping via tractor trailers.  While it is certainly not always going to be the cheapest option, rail cars can provide a very competitive price for some shipments.  Just recently Storage Solutions managed to save roughly $18,000 on freight costs by shipping via rail.  However, sometimes the best reward is knowing that your business decisions are helping to make the earth a better place.

Here are a few stats that illustrate how shipping by rail can help your company be green!

  • In terms of fuel efficiency, railroads are three times more fuel-efficient than trucks
  • Railcars move freight without clogging freeways
  • Railcars emit only 2.6% of the total U.S. greenhouse gas emmissions, while truck account for 21% of that total