Project Spotlight – California Food Distributor

blue orange and yellow pallet rack in a warehouse

Storage Solutions is known for being a “turnkey” partner in our industry. A recently completed project in Gilroy, CA proves just that.

The customer, a large food distributor, needed to find a reasonably priced solution for installing rack in a high seismic area with footplates smaller than 12” x 12”. We solved the problem with 6” x 9” footplates, and saved the customer nearly 2 million compared to our competitor’s solution. That’s significant savings!

Over the course of four months, our team installed tube rack, selective and pushback rack, a mezzanine and carton flow in the customer’s 400,000 sq.ft. facility.

Storage Solutions works with all of our customers to ensure that production, delivery and installation of a project stays on track and goes according to plan.

Watch the full installation of this project here.