Material Handling Definitions

For those of you who don’t know a lot about pallet rack, here are some helpful terms and definitions:

Double-Deep Racks – Usually two rows of selective racks, one placed behind the other, on which pallets may be placed two deep by a double-deep reach truck. Fifty percent of all loads are immediately accessible and, in the worst case, it is necessary to remove the front pallet on any level to have access to the one immediately behind it. Applies to a storage requirement for many pallets of few SKUs.

Automated Storage/Retrieval System (AS/RS) – A combination of equipment and controls, which handles, stores and retrieves materials with precision, accuracy and speed under a defined degree of automation. Systems vary from relatively simple, manually controlled order-picking machines operating in small storage structures to computer-controlled storage and retrieval systems, totally integrated into the manufacturing and distribution process.

Material(s) Handling – 1. An aspect of materials management relating specifically to the physical transfer of materials.  2. The movement of materials (raw materials, scrap, semi-finished and
finished) to, through and from productive processes; in warehouses and storage; and in receiving and shipping areas.

wildeck_mezzanine_03-resized-600Pallet Rack Shelving – Standard pallet rack can be equipped with shelf panel inserts so that pallet rack can be used for storing binnable, rackable or palletized materials as needs change.

Mezzanine – (pictured right) A platform supported with structural members, used for storage or operations; constructed at a height which permits movement of people and equipment below.