A Creative Solution for Slow-Moving Products

Cantilever Rack Shelving

At Storage Solutions, we pride ourselves on finding creative solutions for our clients through our “Simple. Smart. Strategic.” approach. We work with our clients to uncover their unique challenges, then turn around and provide solutions tailored to address those challenges while factoring in opportunities for future growth.

In speaking with one of our clients, we discovered a unique situation that required some out-of-the-box thinking. They were looking to increase picking efficiency in several of their facilities that moved small cube, slow-moving products. They had a situation in which one or two pallets would take up a ton of floor space, limiting the fluidity they needed to optimize their pick process.

So, in speaking with our clients and listening to their challenges, we walked the facilities and examined their order data. We identified several storage solutions that would benefit their entire footprint including installing structural racking with carton flow and adding pick positions along the way. Because we took a holistic approach to their operations, we were able to think outside the box a little and identify creative solutions to best facilitate those slow-moving products.

Our solution was to integrate cantilever shelving, a product that is becoming popular in the e-commerce sector. We took the floor-level bays and replaced the pallet positions with cantilever shelving, which is connected to the pallet rack uprights. This configuration gives all the benefits of shelving on the floor level while making the best use of the vertical capacity.

To maximize storage cubic utilization and storage capacity within the facility, we took a traditional pallet rack structure and modified it at the ground level, adding some accessories to incorporate shelving. This setup still allows the storage of pallets above that, so the only limitation on storage capacity is the height of the facility itself. This solution provided a near-custom fit and created a cleaner, neater working environment for the employees.

With this answer, we were able to get these small-cube, slow-moving objects on a shorter pick path, while condensing the storage in that area instead of hand-stacking products on a beam. Because of the nature of the size of the items being stored, we were able to place twice as many items in the same amount of space because you are utilizing the shelf space better.

We had seen this solution work elsewhere, particularly in each-pick or case-pick operations, but it is a solution that we do not see utilized as often as it could – or should – be. From a similar cost standpoint, one could put actual shelving units in those pallet positions, but sizing becomes an issue, which leads to a clunkier work environment (for the lack of a better term).

What Can We Do for You?

We are able to find creative solutions like integrating cantilever shelving into pallet rack because we provide our solutions based on hearing our clients’ unique challenges and addressing them head-on with strategic solutions for which they don’t have to pay out of the nose. We form trusted partnerships through this approach; we deliver results.

If you are in need to increase your storage capacity, operational efficiency or introduce new technologies to improve your processes, give us a call and let us learn more about what challenges you are seeing in your facility. We can work with you to get you started in the right direction, even if it is a little off the beaten path.