Don’t Let the Cost of Complexity Hold You Back

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Cost of Complexity

Is your distribution or fulfillment operation “stuck in a rut”? If so, Storage Solutions can help!

Those that haven’t adjusted are challenged by rising operational costs, over-dependence on a fluctuating labor market, and the inability to meet rising expectations. They are finding out that the “We’ve always done things this way” approach is costing their organization in terms of today’s operations and adapting to the next challenge. And the next challenge. And the next challenge.

That hesitancy results from a fear of the cost of adding complexity to their organization. Some may be “stuck in their ways.” Others may be hesitant to search for solutions that can help them adapt because there are so many integrators and solutions available that they don’t even know where to start.

What Is the Cost of Complexity?

Management consulting firm Modular Management pins the “cost of complexity” as a term used to describe the costs associated with introducing new products and managing the variety of products produced.

For distribution and fulfillment centers, the “cost of complexity” could manifest as increasing storage density, examining and improving material flow, introducing automated fulfillment solutions, investing in infrastructure, re-designing a facility, or other initiatives to help adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

A phrase that motivational speaker Tony Robbins is known for coining is “Complexity is the enemy of execution.” If you think about an area of your business that you’re struggling to execute at optimal levels, you know you must get better at it but cannot. It’s essential to take a step back, look at your operations, and ask, “Am I making this too complex? Is there a simpler way? How can I execute as effectively and efficiently as possible?”

Ultimately, we believe it comes down to working smarter, not harder. And we can help you adapt every step of the way.

How Can We Help?

With distribution & fulfillment environments changing as quickly as they are and new technology introduced daily, it can be difficult for some to find a place to start. Our design and engineering experts have first-hand operational experience in making those changes to ensure you get the optimal solution for your unique warehouse.

Whether examining new workflows, new technology, or new processes, we can establish a roadmap for success using a data-driven, agnostic approach to solving your challenges today and into the future. Click here to get in touch with one of our automation experts.