Temperature Controlled Facility

There has been a steady increase in the need for temperature controlled storage. To avoid a large amount in sunk costs in ruined or ineffective inventory, temperature controlled storage has become a requirement for a wide variety of products.

We recently completed a project in Edgerton, Kansas to take on a solution that needed a system installed in a temperature controlled space.

The Project Details:

Square Footage:  115,000 sq. ft.

Products Installed: Structural drive-in and selective rack, roof supported over dock door rack

Their Problem/Our Solution:The customer needed a durable, high-density storage system for their new cold storage 3PL facility.  Heavy duty structural drive-in and selective pallet rack were utilized to meet these needs. The drive-in rack system includes cant leg aisle uprights with reinforced upright columns & heavy duty lower horizontal braces to provide the needed durability in this difficult work environment. This high-density storage system had to be installed to support operation in a -10 degree freezer.

Our solution needed to be built to withstand a high volume of product in the cold storage facility, while maximizing utilization of the storage system & maintaining operational efficiency. A mixture of relatively shallow (mostly 2-3 deep) drive-in rack & selective rack provided the storage density needed while still allowing for efficient storage & picking. Roof supported over dock door rack was utilized due to the continuous dock leveler pit included as part of the facility design. The over dock door rack is used for storage of empty pallets & packaging supplies.




Partner Testimonial

“Our facility is really starting to come together! I appreciate all the support that the Storage Solution’s team has provided on this project. SSI is a trusted partner and has helped make us successful. It is much appreciated!”

– Logistics Engineering Supervisor


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