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LOGO HEAD: Codec Cold Trial ExtraBold
LOGO SUB-HEAD: Codec Cold Trial News


HEADINGS: Helvetica, 18 point
FOOTERS: Helvetica Neue LT Std, 67 Med Condensed, 9.5 point font, (color: 80 percent black)
BODY TEXT: Helvetica Neuve Medium Condensed, 10 point font, (color: 80 percent black)

For Questions Contact:

Heather Hutton
[email protected]

Ryan Waszczuk
[email protected]


BACKGROUND: It is best to put the logo on a light background with little to no clutter.

FONT: Typeface should not be altered or changed.

ROTATION: Logo should always be used as shown and not rotated in any way.

COLOR: Colors should not be changed unless the document is in black and white, then greyscale is acceptable.

*Contact Heather Hutton if you need additional formats.

Brand Colors

Best Practices

Taking Photos

Use “Rule of Thirds”

Use The Best Lighting Possible

Quickly Share Your Best Shot. Especially In An Event Setting, Immediate Is Best

Join In, Always Feel Welcome To Participate In Taking Photo’s Or Being In One

Upload In Maximum Quality, Use BOX If Necessary

Line up the “subject” of the photo with a cross intersection, such as an individual’s face or eye line.

Use the grid lines to create a shot that appears symmetrical.


Vlogs And Clips

Quick Interview? Use Small Wireless Earbuds As A Microphone

Avoid As Much Ambient Noise As Possible

Use “Rule of Thirds”

Use The Best Lighting Possible

Upload In Maximum Quality, Use BOX If Necessary

Marketing Team Tips

For Those Quick Projects

Apple EarPods Are The Best Option For A Wireless Microphone

The Free iMovie App On Apple Computers Has A Video Stabilizer And Background Noise Suppression Features

The Free Canva App Is Perfect If You Need A Quick Design Idea