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BACKGROUND: It is best to put the logo on a light background with little to no clutter.

FONT: Typeface should not be altered or changed.

ROTATION: Logo should always be used as shown and not rotated in any way.

COLOR: Colors should not be changed unless the document is in black and white, then greyscale is acceptable.

*Contact Heather Hutton if you need additional formats.

For Questions Contact:

Heather Hutton
[email protected]

Ryan Waszczuk
[email protected]



LOGO HEAD: Codec Cold Trial ExtraBold
LOGO SUB-HEAD: Codec Cold Trial News


HEADINGS: Helvetica, 18 point
FOOTERS: Helvetica Neue LT Std, 67 Med Condensed, 9.5 point font, (color: 80 percent black)
BODY TEXT: Helvetica Neuve Medium Condensed, 10 point font, (color: 80 percent black)

Logo & Accent Colors