What Does the EMIT Acquisition Mean for SSI Customers?

Emit Acquisition What It Means

On Wednesday, August 24th, the Storage Solutions team gathered in Westfield, IN to celebrate our acquisition of Nashville-based EMIT, Inc., a controls and automation engineering company specializing in comprehensive turnkey integration of material handling and storage systems.

We are excited to welcome EMIT’s entire team of engineers, project managers, and installation professionals. All of them bring a wealth of experience, particularly in the integration of conveyors, to our already-robust team of solution engineers.

A few benefits of note:

The strong get stronger.

There is no question that this acquisition adds to our size, scope, and talent and dramatically expands our portfolio of capabilities in creating and delivering automation and storage systems in North America. EMIT’s experience and ability strengthen our substantial suite of warehouse solution offerings.

SSI now has 20+ years of conveyor integration experience in-house.

With the addition of EMIT’s expertise, we can now manage conveyor and automation projects in-house with a team that has done so for over 20 years. That means we don’t have to rely on outsourcing controls, software, installation, or any other aspect of automation integration. Our in-house team can control every part of the project, from concept to design to installation and implementation, and with ongoing support.

Experience meets experience.

We know first-hand the amount of timing, communication, budgeting, and other variables associated with complex integrations, like the substantial backlog that can come with utilizing 3rd party providers. With EMIT’s team joining the SSI family, we now have much more control over a project’s outcome, particularly with conveyor and automation implementations. For our clients, it means a turnkey experience, where all the hurdles and hoops to jump through don’t even make it to your desk.

Ultimately, this partnership benefits SSI and EMIT clients alike because we both are and will continue to be aligned with our approach to doing business, unwavering focus on achieving success, and developing forward-thinking solutions that support today’s needs with an eye toward tomorrow’s goals.

If you’re considering a conveyor project or adding automation to your operations, give us a call. We are excited to show you what we’re capable of providing.