Rivet Shelving or Steel Shelving: Which is Right for Me?

Rivet Shelving Steel Shelving

Rivet Shelving or Steel Shelving: Which is Right for Me?

In most cases, shelving should be used as a simple storage solution in situations where you are looking for storage for individual case picking or each picking. In addition, shelving works well when associates are not picking entire cases, but rather individual pieces. Shelving also is ideal for picking situations in which a warehouse associate needs a high number of pick faces to keep their products separated, organized, and easily identifiable.

While both rivet shelving and steel shelving solve the simple storage need for “less than a case” picking situations, each of the warehouse shelving options has its strengths and weaknesses. For those evaluating the right option or mix for their warehouse, let us explain the differences so you may better determine the best fit for your storage needs.

When to Use Steel Shelving

Industrial steel shelving, otherwise known as “clip shelving,” is ideal for storage situations in which accessories like drawer units, dividers, cabinet doors, etc., may be needed to separate and organize products. This style of shelving is popular because it is easily reconfigurable, akin to an “erector set” for storage. This option can genuinely be customized to fit the needs of your picking process. Steel clip shelving also typically provides more weight capacity per square foot of shelf space than other types of shelving.

When to Use Rivet Shelving

Industrial rivet shelving is a simple storage solution for case picking situations in which bulk shelving is required to store cases of products. The design of the rivet shelving unit inherently does not require hardware like nuts and bolts; the rivets on the shelving beams slide and lock into place when connected to their corresponding uprights. Due to its design, rivet shelving provides more & bigger size options than steel clip shelving. Typically, particle board or wire decking sits upon the beams and uprights to create a surface for storage. However, in recent years safety regulators have been pushing for more use of wire decking due to safety and flammability concerns.

Need More Help?

There are many more shelving options out there, from carton flow to wire shelving to plastic options and more. Rivet and steel shelving are just two of the most commonly found options for warehouse and distribution center needs.

If you need assistance with more information concerning rivet shelving or steel shelving, we’d love to help. Keep in mind, as an industry leader we can offer a variety of warehouse storage accessories customized to your needs. Our online sales team is available at 317-442-8752 or click the chat below to start a conversation about your storage needs.