Distribution Center Case Studies

See What Our Storage Solutions Team Can Do for Your Distribution Center

While the word “distribution” might be easy for most people to understand, there’s nothing simple about operating a distribution company. With so many moving parts needing to work together in order to get the job done, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong and for systems to break. But, at Storage Solutions, it’s our duty to find ways for those things to go right. Over the past forty years we’ve been working with some of the top distribution centers in the United States and around the world, helping them transform their businesses by improving systems every step of the way. From receiving and packaging to fulfillment, our knowledgeable team can help your business get the most out of its current space. Take a look at some of our favorite projects below to get an idea of how our smart solutions can maximize every aspect of your distribution center.

Don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say.

Do My Own pest control warehouse

Conveyor Design

Lawrenceville, GA

Meat Processing
Industry Supplier

241,000 Sq. Ft. in Riverside, MO

Ice Machine

600,000 Sq. Ft. in Jeffersonville

shelving with boxes


620,000 Sq. Ft. in Edgerton, KS

Warehouse interior for parts distribution


600,000 Sq. Ft. in Australia

warehouse interior with rack and shelving


350,000 Sq. Ft. in Ontario, CA

Interior of warehouse for non-profit in Indianapolis


85,000 Sq. Ft. in Indianapolis

Interior of warehouse with rack and shelving

Products &
Parts D.C.

500,000 Sq. Ft. in Indiana

warehouse with rack

New Warehouse for
Convenience Store Giant

37,000 Sq. Ft. in California

Distribution Center Case Study Utah

Tight Deadlines
in Salt Lake City

20,000 Sq. Ft. in Utah

Private Equity Storage

Storage & Picking for
Private Equity Firm

1,100,000 Sq. Ft. over 10 Facilities

Creative Solutions for Seismic Activity

600,000 Sq. Ft. facility in California

Why partner with Storage Solutions for your technology needs?

It’s no secret that labor challenges are affecting many companies. With the latest advancements in technology, labor issues don’t have to slow down your operation. In fact, the right combination of systems can set you up to run more efficiently, while also being less reliant on manual labor.

With Storage Solutions as a partner, we will help you determine the best fit for you operation. Whether you are looking to make the picking process more accurate or increase overall productivity, we have the knowledge and experience to help you get it done.

  • Simple

    Every day, it seems as if there’s some sort of new technology and innovation coming out. Are you ahead of the curve or lagging behind? These technology solutions might seem complicated, but with the team at Storage Solutions, we make implementation of the latest technologies feel simple. Don’t miss out on ways to improve your business because implementing new things might seem difficult. They aren’t. Let us help you discover why.

  • Smart

    Our technology solutions can make your business more efficient, less expensive, and safer. That’s not just doing business; that’s doing smart business. Our team of experts can help you find the right technologies to help you grow your business in a better way through the use of technology. We will work with you every step of the way, making sure you receive the support and education needed to get you up and running.

  • Strategic

    Planning for the next generation of warehouse solutions can be intimidating. Don’t let technology get in the way of you improving your business, make it a part of your future. The team at Storage Solutions has the technology solutions to help make your warehouse run more smoothly with the right planning and implementation strategies.