CVSA International Roadcheck: What You Need to Know

International Roadcheck 2018

In honor of National Safety Month, we are kicking off June by sharing some valuable information on CVSA International Roadcheck! Some people may wonder why exactly Roadcheck is important to us in this industry. What you may not know is that Storage Solutions has our very own equipment delivery division! Getting materials to our customers on time, and in the safest way possible, is a very important part of what we do!

What exactly is International Roadcheck?

International Roadcheck is an annual event sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, or CVSA. This year, the event will take place June 5 through June 7. During the three day event, there will be a significant increase in the number of vehicle inspections taking place throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The emphasis of these inspections will be on a very important topic, hours of service compliance.

In addition to the focus on hours of service, inspectors will also be looking at things such as brake systems, cargo securement, lighting devices, tires and more. For a full list of details, you can view the press release available on the CVSA website. You can also view last year’s results here to get a better sense of what inspectors are looking for.

As always, safety is a top priority for us in this industry! We look forward to bringing you safety tips and information all month long.