Used Pallet Rack Package: Drive-In and Pushback

Hello again, and thanks for visiting the Storage Solutions weekly blog post!  This week we will be providing the specs for a package of used pallet rack that we have just purchased.  All of the pallet rack is Frazier Structural Rack, and it is available as both Drive-In and Pushback pallet rack.  Let’s take a look at the products.

drive inFrazier Structural Drive-In Pallet Rack:

  • 2 Deep x 4 High–18 Bays with 144 Pallet Positions
  • 3 Deep x 4 High–66 Bays with 792 Pallet Positions
  • Drive-In Pallet Rack Uprights are 252″H and the entry uprights have Cant Legs angled back at 12″
  • Drive-In Pallet Rack Uprights are on 54″ Centers
  • Drive-In Pallet Rack Beams are 50″L

pushbackFrazier Structural Pushback Pallet Rack:

  • 3 Deep x 4 High, 2 Pallet Wide Pushback Pallet Rack–164 Bays with 3426 Pallet Positions
  • 3 Deep x 4 High, 1 Pallet Wide Pushback Pallet Rack–5 Bays with 57 Pallet Positions
  • 3 Deep x 2 High, 3 Pallet Wide Pushback Pallet Rack–4 Bays with 72 Pallet Positions
  • Pushback Pallet Rack Uprights are 288″H
  • Pushback Pallet Rack Lanes are 150″D from front to back
  • 4 Spans of safety netting is available for the 3 Pallet wide pushback pallet rack for the tunnel lanes
  • Structural end-of-aisle protectors are available at various lengths

Please contact Storage Solutions for more information on this used pallet rack package or to inquire about other new/used pallet rack and other material handling equipment.