Term of the Week: Push Back Pallet Rack

TOTW Pushbackpush back pallet rack system allows palletized goods and materials to be stored by being pushed up a gently graded ramp. Stored materials are allowed to flow down the ramp to the aisle.

This rack configuration allows for deep storage at each rack level and last-in, first-out storage. All of the loads are stored and retrieved from the aisle. When a new load is deposited into a lane, it pushes back the one already at the front and all those behind it. Then, when that load is picked, the contents of the lane all move forward again, hence the term “push back rack.”

Why use a push back pallet rack system?

  • The nested carts make placement and retrieval easy
  • It saves storage space which leads to less cost
  • They offer the same storage density as and drive-in/drive-through racks

If you are looking to utilize space in your warehouse make sure to get some information on the push back pallet rack system. Storage Solutions would love to help you create the perfect warehouse for your company.

Source: WikiMheda_PushBackPalletRacks