Term Of The Week: Cantilever Rack


Cantilever Rack

CantileverCantilever rack is a rack that utilizes “cantilevered” arms that stick out from columns.  These long projecting beams are fixed on one end and open on the other. They are often used to store long, narrow items.  As one of our Specialty Solutions, it is perfect for the storage of oddly shaped items.

Cantilever racks replace shelving when there is a need for a full, clear shelf. These racks also offer the ability to load items from the front, without obstruction from rack support uprights.

Typically, this type of racking is easy to install and reconfigure shelving heights. Because of its design, it is perfect for atypically sized materials.

Cantilever racks are the perfect storage solution for hard-to-store products such as pallet rack beams, furniture, lumber, steel piping, tubs, and more.   These units are often installed with recessed decking on beds to provide a surface that eliminates snags and other damage incurred during handling. Load capacities vary by arm and overall unit capabilities.

Source:  MHEDA https://www.wikimheda.org/wiki/Cantilever_rack