Storage Solutions Term Of The Week: Wire Decking

wire deckingYes, wire decking was covered in a previous post, but it is such an important component of pallet rack that I thought it was necessary to re-inform you, if you will, of the basics of wire deck!

Wire decking is used in pallet rack and other types of storage rack. Made from steel wire, wire decking gives you the flexibility to store a variety of pallet sizes.  It provides a solid surface while also maintaining an open surface which allows the overhead sprinkler system to suppress fires without restriction. Wire decking is easy to install and is maintenance free.

The wire deck is created with welded wire mesh and integrated support channels. The decking sits on top of the beams to create a shelf on which to store palletized inventory. It can be created to accommodate any depth of rack or beam length. It can also be designed for a range of load bearing capacities.

Buying used wire decks can be an extremely easy way to cut down on expenses. Storage Solutions has a large selection of used beams, used uprights, and used wire decks for you to choose from. We specifically store our pallet racks inside our warehouse; that way we can ensure that all of our customers receive the highest quality of used wire decking available.