Storage Solutions Project Spotlight: Dallas Week Three

The key to providing customers with the best possible service is to give them a storage system that works.  And that’s just what we are aiming to do with every project we start.  From beginning to end, our installation crews are hands-on experts who see these jobs through effectively.

Project Dallas Specs:

  • 598 Pallet Rack  Bays
    • Approx 8400 Rack Locations Provided
  • 810 Single Level Rack Bins
    • 180 36”W x 36”D Bays Provided
    • 630 36”W x 24”D Bays Provided
    • Lighting Included in All Bin Aisles
  • Approx. 11,500 Sq Ft Footprint for Shelving Areas
  • Approx. 58,000 Sq Ft Footprint for Racking Areas

Project Dallas III

Last week’s photo:

Project Dallas II

Check out our next post to see the finished project in time-lapse video form.