Storage Solutions Project Spotlight: Dallas

We’ve got quite the list of projects to showcase these days.  So we’re going to take you down to Texas, where we installed nearly 600 pallet rack bays, over 800 rack bins and 300 feet of guardrail space.

Project Dallas Week 1

Aspects of the project:

  • 598 Rack Bays
  • 810 Single Level Rack Bins
  • Approx. 300’ of Guardrail Installed
  • Approx. 160,000 Sq Ft. of Warehouse Space
  • Incorporated Both New and Used Racking Components

Why use Used Racking Components?

Not only will you save money on your warehouse redesign, but you are helping the earth by buying used materials as opposed to new. You might also find the other advantage of our equipment buy back program useful as buying from our used equipment section can help you save even more!

Take a look at our green initiative.

Check back next week to keep track of the progress on Project Dallas!