Storage Solutions: Our Recent Expansion

Storage_Area-lrgThese are exciting times for Storage Solutions!  We recently expanded our warehouse which provides us with an additional 100,000 sq ft of inside storage space! When we first moved into our new facility on April 10th, 2009 we were incredibly excited to have the capacity to house 250,000 sq ft of warehouse equipment.  However, in the last few weeks we have acquired an additional 100,000 sq ft, bringing us to a grand total of over 350,000 sq ft of inside storage!  We plan on utilizing this new space immediately by purchasing as much quality new and used equipment as possible.

Storage Solutions is constantly striving to be your number one resource for new and used material handling equipment.  In an effort to become the sole destination for all of your new and used material handling needs, we are in the process of unveiling an incentive program that will pay a finders fee to anyone who helps us find quality used equipment to purchase.  The incentive will depend on the quality and quantity of the equipment.  We are still finalizing the parameters for the program, so be sure to visit our blog over the next few weeks for additional details!

Don’t forget to check out the clearance warehouse equipment on our website!