Storage Solutions Announces Partnership with MHS Conveyor to Expand Automation Capabilities

SSI Partnership with MHS Conveyor

Storage Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is excited to announce a new partnership with MHS Conveyor, a subsidiary of Material Handling Systems, Inc., (MHS), which is a leading global provider of material handling automation technology and software solutions for distribution, fulfillment, manufacturing and other industries.

The MHS Conveyor partnership with Storage Solutions will focus on supplying conveyor and sortation solutions, giving distribution operations the ability to support fulfillment speeds of up to 50,000 items per hour. Through this collaboration, systems will be designed with operational and layout efficiency in mind, particularly in the transfer of particles, totes, and cartons throughout a facility.

As Storage Solutions has continued to expand its engineering services, including design, installation, and integration of automation solutions, this partnership with MHS Conveyor will allow the company to be aligned with another industry leader in automated material handling solutions. With this expansion of services, combined with decades of experience in warehouse storage optimization, the partnership is well-positioned to meet the requirements of each customer, with a roadmap for dynamic growth as needs change.

“We have a reputation for helping customers overcome complex challenges, and we understand that the team at Storage Solutions shares our ‘above and beyond’ approach to solving those problems,” said Jim Bronsema, Director, Sales, MHS Conveyor. “Our partnership with Storage Solutions will help us expand the reach of our conveyor and sortation solutions to more warehouses and distribution centers throughout North America.”

“Our clients partner with us because they know we have the in-house expertise to deliver solutions around design, installation, and integration, all with a turnkey approach,” explained Eric McDonald, Chief Customer Officer of Storage Solutions. “This partnership is of great value to our client base, especially those who are interested in automation but not sure where to begin.”

The announcement comes days ahead of MODEX 2022, Material Handling Industry’s highly attended supply chain conference. If you would like to learn more about MHS Conveyor’s solution set, are interested to see them in action, or thinking about integrating automation options into your operations, contact a Storage Solutions expert and plan a time to meet at MODEX.