Let Us Connect You + inVia Robotics at MODEX 2022

SSI inVia Robotics MODEX 2022

By integrating inVia Robotics with Storage Solutions, you can introduce robotics in your facility, delivering goods-to-person picking technology capable of delivering 400-500 units per hour of throughput per picker at a fraction of the capital cost and with significantly less infrastructure than other solutions in the market that can achieve similar rates.

  • Software: Use AI technology to locate inventory and integrate tasks
  • Automated Labor: Yield unapparelled productivity gains with robotics
  • Automated Warehouse: Automate all fulfillment tasks from picking to replenishment

inVia Robotics has applications in new greenfield warehouses and is also an excellent way for customers with existing pick modules to implement goods-to-person picking without the massive cost associated with completely retrofitting their current facility.

Let’s Connect at MODEX!

Our team will be at MODEX and we would like to make great use of your time in introducing you to inVia’s solution set at Booth #C7489. Let’s schedule some time – either at the event or prior – and talk through some challenges you’re facing and determine the best course of action to tackle those head-on.